Integrate with Zapier to send SMS.

The fastest way to automate SMS from your business.

If you’re looking for a quick way to enable your business to send text message notifications automatically from the software you already use, then look no further than the Esendex integration with Zapier.

Do more with Esendex & Zapier

Most businesses use a variety of software solutions in order to run smoothly, from feature rich CRMs to extensive ERP’s, Zapier can connect 1000’s of applications to Esendex in an instant. By creating Zaps that act like triggers, you can send SMS as soon as an action occurs whether it’s an order confirmation to your customers from your ecommerce store or an invoice reminder.

Integrate with Zapier

We’ve already created templates from a handful of popular applications, but don’t worry if you can’t see yours below, our integration guide for Zapier shows you how to connect with Esendex SMS so you can save time and money.

Magento 2.X and Esendex SMS

Send SMS notifications to your customers, sales team and account managers when actions are taking place in your Magento platform.

Salesforce and Esendex SMS

Automate your customer comms from Salesforce by using Zapier and Esendex. Send texts to your customers or keep your sales team in the loop by sending alerts direct to their mobile.

Shopify and Esendex SMS

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by integrating Shopify and Esendex to send SMS triggers when specific eCommerce actions occur; new orders, purchases and refunds processed.

MSSQL and Esendex SMS

Trigger automated, instant or scheduled SMS alerts directly from your Microsoft SQL Server database when specific events or actions occur.

Find out more about how Zapier can help you send SMS from 1,000+ apps

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