What is the Email to SMS Gateway?

Email to SMS is a great way for you to start sending SMS to your audiences using the same Email system you already use everyday. Any Email client can be used, including Gmail and Microsoft Outlook so there's zero training required.

All you have to do is add a mobile number to the start of the designated email address (E.g. 01234567891@echomail.net), add the message to the body of the email, and hit send - it's that simple!

Getting setup with Email to SMS is just as easy. Just contact our team to set up your account and the intuative platform will guide you through the rest.

What are the benefits of the Esendex Email to SMS Gateway?

No developer
or training required

Simply add email addresses in your account, and your team can send SMS via email in a matter of minutes!

Manage SMS from
your email inbox

Both emails and SMS can be received into and sent from existing email accounts

message reliability

Direct connections to all major networks. Messages will be sent to recipients using the best route possible


ISO27001 certification gives our customers the peace of mind that their data is handled in the securest way

Easy to measure
campaign success

Simple to understand reports make it easy to gauge campaign success, and make changes where required


64% of customers prefer business interactions via SMS, compared to channels like voice calls and post.

Reduce communication

Sending 1000 communications via post would cost £500. Doing the same via SMS would cost £38

Higher open

In the UK an incredible 95% of SMS sent by business are read by customers


What can Email to SMS be used for?

Appointment reminders
Business continuity
Shift scheduling
Delivery notifications
Appointment reminder on mobile phone
Appointment reminders

SMS is a great way to reduce the amount of missed appointments for businesses and service providers alike. Whether it be a reminder for a healthcare appointment, a restaurant booking notification, a visit to the opticians or even a car service reminder, SMS is proven to reduce the amount of arrangements that are missed, sometimes by as much as 50%. (Health Services Research).

In addition – SMS will help to substantially reduce your communication costs, when compared to traditional channels like direct mail.

System failure message on mobile phone
Business continuity

Only 1 in 3 businesses are properly prepared for a disaster should one hit them, (Source). SMS is a great way to make sure that should the worst happen, important communications can be delivered in a fast, dependable, and effective way to customers.

Whether it be staff safety checks, system failure notifications, or messaging to assign ownership of tasks SMS provides a simple way to minimise disruption in a straightforward way.

Shift notification on mobile phone
Shift scheduling

As well as sending messages to your customers, SMS can be used to effectively communicate with your staff too. Planned shifts, overtime availability, emergency alerts and any other general announcements can be made via a humble text message.

SMS boasts a 95% open rate, which represents a distinct advantage over channels like emails and manual calling where messages are all too easily missed. This means your staff get the message sooner and you’ll be saving resource cost in the process.

Delivery notification on mobile phone
Delivery notifications

By sending regular SMS updates about the status of their order, you’ll be making sure your customers keep smiling. Order confirmations, delivery notifications and progress reports can all be delivered in a fast and convenient way.

This works to not only keep your customers happy, but it also helps to save you cost by ensuring that your customers are home when delivery is attempted, and in turn avoid expensive repeat attempts.

Promotion message on mobile phone

SMS marketing is seeing a big increase and is in fact the fastest growing channel in the UK for sending promotions and offers to customers. In fact, a massive 92% of businesses plan to be using the channel for marketing by the end of 2018. Why is this? Well it’s simply cheaper and more engaging to use when compared to traditional channels like direct mail.

SMS also has the benefit of being able to send more personalised communications at a time which can be scheduled ahead of time. SMS can even be used to send links to richer mobile communications like Mobile Journeys and SMS Landing Pages.

What are the features of the Esendex Email to SMS Gateway

Connects with
any email service

The Esendex Email to SMS Gateway is extremely flexible and can be used with any email client.

Send to multiple

Send messages to multiple contacts by comma separating, exactly as you would if you were sending an email.

Receive SMS
through your inbox

Build conversations in the same way as your would with email, by receiving SMS straight to your inbox.


Easily remove signatures and disclaimers from your email if you choose not to include this in your message.

Integrate with
server alerting software

Receive SMS from any system that can send an email to receive critical status updates and more.

From address

Quickly set up an 11 character address to let your recipients know who the message is from.

Define reply
delivery location

Receive replies through a Virtual Mobile Number, SMS Short Code or directly into your email inbox.

Add users
in a few clicks

Simply log in to your account, type in the users email address and then they can start sending SMS straight away.


Customer stories

Here are some of the best ways our customers are currently using Esendex SMS

Utility providers
Local authorities
Financial service
Utility providers

Esendex have a proven track record in helping utility providers of all sizes in a range of applications. Collecting meter readings, automating customer service interactions, sending engineer appointment confirmations and more.

Here’s how we worked together with npower to create a mobile optimised communication strategy to boost overdue collection rates.


Compared to a 22% open rate for email, SMS boasts 95% (Source), representing a much better way of getting messages to customers. Whether you’re sending delivery confirmations, or a new special offer, SMS is an affordable way to make sure your customers are better informed and ultimately happier.

Here’s how one such retailer – Ocado - took things one step further by using SMS connect with their staff, as well as their customers.

Local authorities

Local governments are under pressure to save costs at every opportunity. Reducing admin is one of the main areas where this can be done, and finding more effective ways to speak with residents is key. More engaging, and cost-effective means to send council tax reminders, send emergency alerts, and even communicate with staff have to be identified.

Brighton and Hove City Council partnered with Esendex to send automated SMS and reduce their cost to collect council tax payments. Here’s how:


Reducing the amount of missed healthcare appointments is going to play a massive part in reducing costs in the healthcare sector. £1bn per year is lost per year in the NHS alone for appointment no-shows - but the right message, delivered through the right channel, can have an enormous impact.

Esendex partnered with Clanwilliam to provide an appointment reminder, test delivery service through SMS. Here’s how it worked:

Financial services

While most financial institutions are moving away from traditional direct mail in favour of email, many are still not seeing the process conversions that they need. SMS may be the ideal alternative here, with a 95% open rate and applications including payment reminders, loan applications, account updates and promotional messaging.

Here’s how Plane Saver Credit Union adopted SMS for a range of different applications to have better customer interactions.