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We’ve taken multichannel messaging and made it a lot smarter! By using a combination of our communication channels, we’ll help you develop strategies to help you start talking to more of your customers.

What is multichannel messaging?

Multichannel messaging involves the use of several communication channels such as SMS, Voice and Email to get your message across, and in turn, allow customers to respond via their preferred channel.

By offering the customer a choice in how they interact with a business, the chances of a successful communication will increase.

What do we mean by intelligent multichannel?

Esendex takes multichannel one step further by offering intelligent multichannel messaging.

We use your customer data to automatically create tailored communication strategies for each of your customers. Any combination of data can be used to personalise and sort your messages into the channels which best improve the chances of a customer taking the desired action.

Then, based on your customers’ interaction with sent messages, we can set up decision engines which determine the type of response and the channel to use.

What are the features?

Use multiple channels

Build an intelligent multichannel workflow by using a combination of SMS, Voice (inbound and outbound), Email, and mobile web apps.

Professional services

Our award-winning team will work with you to design, develop and implement your perfect intelligent multichannel workflow.

Communication personalisation

By utilising multiple message templates coupled with your CRM data, you can automatically tailor each message to the recipient.

Failsafe communications

If a customer doesn’t acknowledge an important communication, we can tailor your strategy to re-send the message through a different channel.

User friendly reports

Receive data such as responses, bounces and payments in the way you want, enabling seamless integration with your existing system.

Adaptive decision engine

Enable your communication strategy to adapt based on communication outcomes and customer interactions, facilitating a low-touch process.

How can Intelligent Multichannel be used?

Intelligent Multichannel can be used by any organisation looking to increase their customer engagement in a cost effective and intelligent way. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies; here are some of the projects on which we’ve worked.

Debt collection within the utility sector

We worked with leading utility provider npower to provide a communication strategy which was intelligent, mobile-first, and facilitated self-serve. We focused on adding convenience to the customer, and also simultaneously reducing their cost to serve.

Our solution employed SMS, Email, Outbound Voice and a bespoke Mobile Journey. We integrated a bespoke decision engine which determined the best communication channel based on contact details, amount owed, and reason for leaving. If the first communication wasn’t responded to, then the engine selects an alternative channel and re-attempts contact.

The new intelligent multichannel strategy was a big success. Compared with only 4% of customers making a payment using their previous workflow, npower now enjoy a boosted rate of 19%, with 82% of customers paying the full amount.

Overdue council tax collection

Esendex has worked with a range of councils to develop more innovative and engaging approaches to council tax collection.

With data supplied by the council, Esendex sends an initial SMS to the overdue account holder notifying them how much they owe. Within that same SMS is a link to an automated phoneline and a Mobile Journey – from both of which, payment can be taken.

To make a payment, residents will need their account number. If they don’t have it to hand, by texting back with their postcode, Esendex will then text or email them their account number so that they can proceed to the payment stage.

The cost to recover the outstanding debt is significantly reduced, and the added convenience of being able to make a payment on their mobile device increases the likelihood of a payment being made.

What are the benefits?

Added convenience

Allow customers to use mobile-first channels which accommodate switching from email to SMS (for example) during your interactions.

Rapid ROI

By utilising a digital approach when compared to traditional communication methods, cost savings can quickly be achieved.

Track your success

Easily find out where your communications can be improved, with detailed campaign reporting delivered via your preferred format.

Higher read rates

We record which communication channels customers respond to, and can make it the primary channel, ensuring more messages are read.

Action-triggered messages

Your communications can be triggered by customer actions, e.g. a new customer; no purchases in >2 months; late making a payment.

Increased message context

By clearly identifying yourself and showing knowledge of circumstances, you build trust and increase the likelihood of a response.

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