Intelligent Multichannel Messaging
What's intelligent about Intelligent Multichannel?

Using multiple communication channels to ensure that a message reaches a customer is typically referred to as multichannel messaging. Intelligent multichannel messaging takes this a step further.


CRM data from both the business initiating the messages and the behaviour of the recipient enable our automations to make decisions about the channel and content most likely to result in a positive outcome.

Each journey is therefore personalised, as this debt collection example shows: Customer B's age, the amount she owes, how old the debt is, and the contact details held for her have determined that she'll receive a mildly worded message first via Email, then via SMS, and finally via Voice.


If she fails to respond to any of these messages, but they were delivered successfully, the message template could change to be more strongly worded, and we might try sending both email and SMS messages simultaneously to increase the impact.


The logic that informs these decisions is agreed ahead of time, and the workflow is then fully automated, resulting in a highly effective, low-touch strategy.


Key features of Intelligent Multichannel Messaging

Communication Channels

Channel choice

Esendex automations use CRM data such as age, contact preferences, amount owed, and the urgency of the message to select the best channel.

Template Selection

Template selection

By utilising multiple message templates, and pre-defining the selection criteria, you can automatically tailor each message to the recipient.

Learning Capabilities

Adaptive workflows

Our system records which communication channels customers respond to, and can make it their primary (default) channel.

Low-Touch Processes

Low-touch processes

The two-fold objective of an automation is to reduce your cost to serve, while improving the customer experience.

Fully Customisable

Fully customisable

From debt collection to appointment booking to new customer onboarding, our bespoke automations are made to order.

ISO accreditation

ISO 27001 accredited

Protecting your customer data is paramount to Esendex, and this international information security standard ensures that.

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