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Introducing Echo for email

Email is still a popular choice for most businesses and plays a part in the communication strategy. Echo for email gives you all the benefits of SMS messaging, including a 95% open rate and three times higher response rate, straight from your inbox.

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The killer features

Email to SMS made simple. All the power of SMS messaging without leaving your existing email app.
Connect with any email client
Connect with any email service

Email to SMS works with any email software. Start sending from Exchange, Outlook, or online services such as Gmail in minutes.

Fast and easy set up
Fast & Easy to set up

Manage users, control settings, and send your first message from day one. Your whole team can send SMS via email instantly with no developer or training required.

Send to multiple contacts
Send to multiple contacts

Separate contacts by comma to send the same message to multiple recipients at once.

Connect with any email client
Receive messages directly into your email inbox

The replies come back to your email inbox – there’s no separate inbox to check. Converse with your prospects, customers and staff without leaving your email platform.

Signature stripping

To keep things clean and simple, in Echo for email, you can set up signature stripping to ignore signature content when sent as a text message.

“The cost of direct mail was becoming increasingly expensive, and the response rate was low. Vaillant integrated SMS chat and rich messaging into their customer communications strategy to increase the booking rate to 40%.”



“By incorporating SMS notifications and reminders, one of Britain’s leading optical retail chains slashed ‘no-show’ appointments by 8%, saving £78 per appointment.”



“A London-based debt recovery company boasted a 3-5% revenue per call thanks to outbound interactive voice messaging.”

Financial services

SMS marketing from as little as 2.5p per message

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