WhatsApp Business Platform for retail

Transform your retail strategy with WhatsApp Business Platform, tapping into its 2.8 billion active user base to enhance customer experience, ensure business continuity, and drive sales. With an exceptional 99% open rate and 60% conversion rate, WhatsApp is the ideal channel for retailers to elevate brand awareness and foster lasting customer loyalty.

How to use WhatsApp for retail

Send rich messages (eg use images, video, call-to-action buttons, etc) to improve the performance of your promotional campaigns.

Deliver automated interactions so customers get instant answers to their questions and your customer service team has time back to work on more complex queries.

Create and send QR codes to entice customers to interact with your messages, increasing engagement and the overall customer experience.

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Why should retailers choose WhatsApp Business Platform?

Increase sales

Rich features allow your recipients to interact with your messages, boosting engagement. So, for events like sales and promotions, you can connect with customers in a much more visual way before following up with links to personalised recommendations based on their preferences.

Ensure business continuity

Integrate WhatsApp Business Platform into your business continuity plan and maximise engagement. Thanks to a 85.54% UK penetration rate and conversion sitting as high as 60%, the platform enhances communication during crises through emergency alerts, swift staff communication, and two-way customer chats. Automated bots further streamline processes, ensuring quality conversations at scale.

Enhance customer experience

WhatsApp Business Platform elevates customer experience through rich functionalities like media messages and buttons, enabling interactive engagement. It fosters two-way conversations, builds trust with customisable templates, and offers verified branded profiles. Reporting features provide insights, and chatbots streamline interactions for a more efficient and engaging customer experience.

Drive continuous customer feedback

Gain a unique insight into your service offering and improve your user experience with campaigns designed to automatically collect customer feedback.

Utilising WhatsApp for personalised messages and offers led to a significant impact for Tata CLiQ:

$500,000 in sales within a month, a 10x ROI increase compared to other channels, and a notable 57% click-through rate. Customised notifications on WhatsApp also resulted in a 1.7x higher likelihood of customer purchases, featuring tailored product recommendations, abandoned cart follow-ups, price drop alerts, and welcome coupons for new users.

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