SMS text messaging is an ideal way to communicate with your patients and customers. It’s less time-consuming, supports patient confidentiality and is cost effective.

Quick and simple to use

Esendex Business Communications has partnered with Positive Solutions to provide Pharmacies with an integrated SMS text service for users of Analyst PMR. It’s intuitive, reliable and includes a wealth of features to support great pharmacy to patient communications. By signing up to this service, Pharmacies will be able to automate prescription collection and delivery notices, send promotional offers, create SMS customer surveys, and send clinical appointment reminders.

It couldn’t be any easier for Pharmacies to provide patients with added value but always remember to keep patients’ mobile phone details up to date and record patient consent on your PMR system.

Features of the system

Our integrated SMS / Analyst PMR text solution gives Pharmacies flexibility in SMS text messaging. It allows message preview, text scheduling, targeting of specific patient groups, and programming of regular message repeat options.

Take a look at our product suite below

SMS, Surveys & Chat

SMS is incredibly versatile and our products really help you get more from messaging. With SMS you can send direct marketing to your customers or ingtergrate with your service platform to issue SMS notifications.

Find out how happy your customers are and understand your service performance with an SMS survey. A quick a convenient way for your customers to leave feedback that doesn’t require logging in, creating an account or the internet!

SMS Chat offers a live chat service to your customers providing them with an easy, convenient, and efficient means of engaging with your contact and support team – with the added benefit that your agents can manage multiple conversations at once, making it more scalable and cost-effective than relying on telephone calls

Rich content

RCS represents the evolution of SMS messaging, giving businesses the power to send richer content to customers. By bringing enhanced features to customers’ default message applications, businesses can engage better, increase conversions and build stronger relationships.

Our platform can identify users capable of receiving RCS messages but with failsafe channels like SMS Landing Pages, you can still deliver rich content to your customers. These designed for mobile pages can help drive more conversions and our beta customers have experienced great success with them.


Esendex Voice solutions make it easy for businesses to target customers on their mobile devices, as well as their landlines.

Customers will be able to use their telephone keypads to process many processes (which would have previously required an outbound call from the financial institution) like making a payment, providing account information, or even making an appointment.


  • Save resource by automating processes which previously required a manual call
  • Customers can contact your business at any time of the day, with no wait to speak to an operator
  • Customer’s identity can be authorised before conversation starts
  • Details of calls processed can be summarised in an intelligent report.
Esendex Multichannel

By using a combination of Esendex channels and products, businesses can create communication strategies which will not only create convenient self-serve environments for customers, but also help them have more conversations with customers by providing options to use the channel which suits them best.

Here’s an example of how Esendex communication channels can be used intelligently to send in branch appointment reminders.

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