To best support our customers as the COVID-19 situation develops, this hub has been created as a central location for helpful blogs and guides. Our team will continue working hard to create useful content and add to this page as new resources are available - Note from our CEO.

Advice for businesses

Business critical communications (use case page)

  • How to use landing pages for sending critical communication (article)
  • 3 steps to ensure business continuity in a crisis (article)
  • Best practice guide: Creating a business continuity plan (article)
  • Suggested templates for SMS communication in a crisis (article)
  • How to use Messaging Studio’s PDF function for internal crisis communication (article)
  • How to use VMN for staff communication during a crisis (article)
  • Protecting yourself against coronavirus SMS scams (article)
Public sector
Hospitality industry
Support for healthcare organisations
  • How can technology help the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak (article)
  • How healthcare practices can use SMS to cancel non-urgent appointments (article)
  • 4 ways in which healthcare providers can use mobile messaging for better emergency communications (article)
  • Delivering healthcare services via WhatsApp – what’s possible today? (article)
Suggestions for the public sector
  • How local authorities can help manage the COVID-19 crisis through effective communication (article)
  • Why SMS should form part of local governments’ emergency communication strategy (article)
Guidance for retailers
  • How to increase online sales: advice for retailers struggling with store closures (article)
  • How retailers can use mobile messaging for better business continuity communications (article)
Ideas for the education sector
  • Remote learning: How technology and communication can be used to aid education during this uncertain time (article)
  • How education providers can use mobile messaging for better emergency communications (article)
Recommendations for the hospitality industry
  • How technology can help pubs and restaurants during COVID-19 (article)

How to send emergency communications with SMS

These are exceptional circumstances but as with all successful companies, it is vital to adapt to changing landscapes and customer needs. At Esendex we are proud to have a wealth of experience helping businesses create and implement solutions to support crisis and business continuity communications.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help support your business with time critical messaging, please email or call 0345 356 5758.

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