Is your courier service delivering the right message?

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British consumers are a “try before we buy” nation according to new figures released by ReBound. Research conducted in January 2018 by the returns management platform highlighted that 42% of millennials are returning more items than they did two years prior. (Source: Retail Times) This means that it’s increasingly important for retailers to invest more, not only in their return policies but in their processes too, streamlining them from end to end.
This is highlighted by the same survey reporting that 35% of consumers don’t feel retailers are doing enough to make returns easy, with 62% stating they would opt to use a courier service if it was available to them.
30% place reliability as the most important factor when choosing their delivery carrier and that’s because…

…convenience is king, cost is queen

It’s no secret that consumers have a growing desire for convenience, and with the likes of ASOS and Amazon paving the way with next day delivery, fixed time delivery and even same day options, all while offering competitive prices, convenience reigns supreme.
While you may not think a comparison between your business and these giants is a fair one, customers don’t care – 85% of UK consumers measure all brands against the top performers (source: Wantedness Survey). Logistics companies have to find a way to meet these high expectations without breaking the bank – and it starts with customer communication.
To put this into perspective:

The business contract between courier and retailer can often mean the customer is the one feeling powerless when service delivery falls short, which is why giving the customer the ability to fully engage with the delivery process, just as much as they do in the purchase process, can help them set and manage their expectations.
Giving the customer more control through proactive communications doesn’t have to be daunting, cost-prohibitive or labour intensive.
We take a look at 8 ways to improve communications within service delivery in our latest eBook.
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