How to avoid becoming your competitor’s secret weapon


Think of the many ways that your customers currently interact with your brand…

We’ve come a long way since a telephone call or quick face-to-face chat were the go-to channel. There’s now much more to customer interaction – 68% of consumers prefer customer service interaction via digital messaging channels to any other method (Source: Internet retailing), and that’s before we’ve even thought about the customer journey.  

Your customers come into contact with your brand through so many different touchpoints that it can often be difficult to determine how many separate “conversations” your products, staff and systems are all having concurrently. And these interactions matter just as much.

If you’re already owning such conversations with your customers then you’re likely already winning, but that’s not to say there aren’t already conversations happening with your competitors.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of poor customer service at some point and with that in mind, we know that one awkward interaction, slip-up or mishap could mean that those conversations come to a close very quickly.

Your customers won’t love you if you give them a bad customer service experience – but your competitors will.

Part of the resolution comes from looking at these interaction points, expectations and results and the opportunities that digital channels of communication offer.

While 71% of consumers still use voice as the main channel of engaging with a business (source: Telemedia), this doesn’t mean that they want to, or that this is the most accessible or personal means of communication – 32% find it the most frustrating customer service channel after all (Source: The state of social customer service report)

Expectation and demand suggests 45% would continue purchasing from the business they were already purchasing from or dealing with if a better mobile service experience were available (Accenture).

Taking the time to reflect on your business and the way your brand reaches consumers will likely lead you to discover more about the message you’re sending.

These interactions are an opportunity to make an impact, get everyone on board and realise that a customer’s impression of your brand is about every interaction with each part of your company. From finance to marketing and sales through to operations – customer service is not a team effort but a company effort and improving it should be a collective goal.

With the number of inbound customer service requests via mobile app set to increase by 38% over the next 12 – 18 months (Salesforce), you may want to reconsider if your business isn’t yet having conversations with customers on-the-go.

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