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List of Sub-processors

Sub-processor NameSub-Processor CategorySub-Processor LocationCommify entity using sub-processor
Amazon Web ServicesHosting ProviderEuropeEsendex Italy, SMS Envoi, Text Anywhere, Skebby
(aq) Limited trading as AQLSMS Service ProviderUnited KingdomEsendex
Aviva Voice Systems and Services S.L.Certified SMS Platform ProviderSpainEsendex (Spain), SMS Publi
Bandwidth IncSMS Service ProviderUSA and CanadaEsendex, SMS Envoi, SMS Publi, TextAnywhere, Text Marketer
BICS SA/NVSMS AggregatorBelgiumEsendex
Bouygues Telecom S.ANetwork OperatorFranceEsendex
Brennercom SpAHosting ProviderItalyEsendex Italy, SMS Envoi, Text Anywhere, Skebby
British Telecom S.ANetwork OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
Cable and Wireless Guernsey Ltd (trading as Sure)Network OperatorGuernseyEsendex, TextAnywhere
ICUK Computing Services Limited (CIX)Email Hosting ProviderUnited KingdomEsendex
Claranet LtdData CentreUnited KingdomEsendex
CLX Networks AB (trading as Sinch)SMS AggregatorSwedenEsendex, SMSPubli, TextAnywhere Netherlands B.VSMS AggregtorNetherlandsEsendex
Coeo LimitedDatabase SupportUnited KingdomEsendex
Commify UK LimitedBusiness Communication service providerUnited KingdomSMSPubli, Esendex, SMS Envoi, Text Anywhere, Skebby,
Commify Iberia SL Business Communication service providerSpainEsendex
Commify Italia SpABusiness Communication service providerItalyEsendex, SMSPubli
Coop Italia Soc. Coop.Virtual Network OperatorItalyEsendex
Data Dog IncServer MonitoringEuropeAll
Deutsche Telekom A.G.Network OperatorGermanyEsendex
Eagle Eye Solutions LimitedSMS AggregatorUnited KingdomEsendex
Eagle Eye Technology LimitedSMS AggregatorUnited KingdomTextAnywhere
EE LimitedNetwork OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
Ensono LimitedData Centre ProviderUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
Ventatel Limited (trading as Lanck Telecom)SMS AggregatorCyprusEsendex
Facebook Ireland LimitedWhatsapp Service ProviderUK and USAEsendex
Fastweb S.p.A.Virtual Network OperatorItalyEsendex
Free MobileNetwork OperatorFranceEsendex
Google Cloud PlatformHosting ProviderEuropeSMS Publi
Hay Systems Ltd (trading as HSL)SMS Service ProviderUnited Kingdom – now LinkMobility ownedEsendex
High Connexion S.A.S.SMS AggregatorFranceEsendex
Hutchinson 3G UK Limited (trading as Three)Network OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
TIM SpAHosting ProviderItalyEsendex Italy, SMS Envoi, Text Anywhere, Skebby
Iliad Italia SpAVirtual Network OperatorItalyEsendex
IMImobile Europe Ltd (trading as Infracast)SMS AggregatorUnited Kingdom, GermanyTextAnywhere
Infobip LtdSMS AggregatorCroatiaEsendex, SMSPubli, Massenversand, TextAnywhere,
JT Limited (trading as Jersey Telecom)Network Data ProviderJerseyEsendex, TextAnywhere
Just After Midnight LimitedServer MonitoringEuropeEsendex, TextAnywhere, 2SMS
Key IVR LtdIVR and Web Payment ProviderUnited KingdomEsendex, Text Marketer, TextAnywhere
Lebara Group B.V.Virtual SMS AggregatorNetherlandsEsendex
Mailgun Technologies IncEmail ProviderEuropeEsendex
Mailjet SASEmail ProviderEuropeEsendex
MessageBird B.V.SMS Aggregator and Whatsapp API servicesNetherlandsEsendex
Meta Platforms Ireland LimitedWhatsApp ProviderWorldwideEsendex
Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited (Microsoft Azure)Hosting ProviderEuropeEsendex, 2sms, SMS Envoi, Text Anywhere, Text Marketer, Skebby
Mitto A.G.SMS AggregatorSwitzerlandEsendex
Modica Group LimitedSMS AggregatorNew ZealandEsendex
Multiconnect GmbHSMS AggregatorGermanyEsendex
Net Real Solutions S.L.SMS AggregatorSpainEsendex
Neustar IncNetwork Data ProviderUSAEsendex
Nexmo IncWhatsapp API Services ProviderUSAEsendex
Node4 LtdHosting ProviderUnited KingdomEsendex
NRJVirtual SMS AggregatorLinkMobility – Netherlands (formerly Netsize)Esendex
NTH AGSMS AggregatorSwitzerlandEsendex
OpenMarket IncSMS AggregatorUSAEsendex
Orange EspanaNetwork OperatorSpainEsendex, SMS Publi
Orange S.ANetwork OperatorFranceEsendex, SMS Envoi
Phonovation LtdSMS AggregatorIrelandEsendex
Pivotel Communications PTY Limited (trading as Circuit 4)Virtual Network OperatorAustraliaEsendex
Poste Mobile S.p.A.Network OperatorItalyEsendex
PromoHosting ProviderItalySkebby
Rackspace US IncBackup Provider, Email ProviderEuropeEsendex, Text Marketer
Reach Data LtdSMS AggregatorUnited KingdomSMSPubli
The Ring Ring Company N.V.Network OperatorBelgiumEsendex
Route Mobile LimitedSMS AggregatorIndiaEsendex
SAP UK LtdSMS AggregatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
SASMS SA SrlSMS Service ProviderItalyEsendex
Sky UK LimitedVirtual Network OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex
Societe Francaise Du Radiotelephone S.A. (trading as SFR)Network OperatorFranceEsendex
Spusu Italia SrlVirtual Network OperatorItalyEsendex
Sure (Guernsey) LimitedSMS AggregatorUnited KingdomTextAnywhere
SYMAVirtual SMS AggregatorNetherlandsEsendex
Telefonica UK Limited (trading as O2)Network OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
Telefonica de Espana S.A.U. (trading as Movistar)Network OperatorSpainEsendex
Telekom Deutschland GmbHNetwork OperatorGermanyEsendex
Telstra Corporation LimitedNetwork OperatorAustraliaEsendex
Three Ireland (Hutchinson) LimitedNetwork OperatorIrelandEsendex, TextAnywhere
TI Sparkle SpASMS AggregatorItalyEsendex
TIM S.p.A.Network OperatorItalyEsendex
TMT Analysis LimitedNetwork Data ProviderUnited KingdomAll
Twilio Inc (trading as Twilio and Sendgrid)Email ProviderUnited StatesEsendex
Tyntec LtdSMS AggregatorGermanyEsendex
Vodafone Enterprise Global LimitedNetwork OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, SMSPubli
Vodafone Espana S.A.U.Network OperatorSpainEsendex
Vodafone GmbHNetwork OperatorGermanyMassenversand
Vodafone Group plcNetwork OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, SMSPubli, TextAnywhere
TPG Telecom LimitedNetwork OperatorAustraliaEsendex
Vodafone Ireland LimitedNetwork OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
Vodafone Italia S.p.A.Network OperatorItalyEsendex
Vodafone LimitedNetwork OperatorUnited KingdomEsendex, TextAnywhere
Vonage Business LimitedSMS AggregatorEuropeAll
Wind Tre S.p.A.Network OperatorItalyEsendex
Xfera Moviles S.A.U. (trading as Yoigo)Network OperatorSpainEsendex
Zsah LimitedPatchingEuropeAll