Mobile Journeys

Increase conversions with simple, engaging customer journeys

Mobile Journeys are great for getting customers from A to B in the easiest way possible. Designed specifically for mobile, customers will be guided through any process ranging from marketing and payments, to data collection and appointment arranging. Completely customisable – Mobile Journeys remove the distractions of traditional websites, providing higher conversion rates.

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What can Mobile Journeys be used for?

Here are some of the ways you can convert more of your customer’s journeys.


Having been notified of an outstanding balance or payment (using either Esendex SMS, or Email) the customer is linked to your Mobile Journey to make a payment.

Customers can verify their identity with an authentication stage, before proceeding to your fully branded payment environment.

The fully PCI compliant Mobile Journey will then guide your customers through the simple and convenient process of entering their payment amount, and also their preferred payment details, with details of all payments provided in a tailored report.


By using Mobile Journeys to conduct surveys, you’ll be able to ask your audience any type of question using buttons, sliders and free type fields, in a convenient, non-intrusive and engaging way.

Gain valuable insight into how your product or service is performing, find out how customers think you can improve, or even how happy your staff are – all from within a fully branded, convenient, self-serve environment.

All details of your completed surveys can then be fed back to you in the form of a live intelligent report.


Mobile Journeys are a great way for your business to deliver mobile focused marketing and promotions which, will help you hit more targets and drive success.

Launch products and events, deliver promotions and discounts, provide shopping journeys, drive traffic to your stores and websites and much more.

By using your existing customer data we’ll create visual, fully branded customer journeys which are personalised for each recipient and in turn increase the likelihood of your promotion converting.

Data Collection

Mobile Journeys provide your business with the power to eliminate paper forms, and move to a mobile focused way of collecting your data.

Create fully branded, intelligent forms which automatically pull customer data where required, and provide summaries of collected data through customisable reports.

Collect data anywhere, and significantly reduce your resource spend by automating data feed into your in-house systems.

Collect customer details and requirements, complete contracts and applications, create checklists, and more.

Meter Readings

Mobile Journeys provide a convenient way for your customers to supply accurate meter readings on a mobile, without the need to wait on hold to speak to a call centre agent.

The ways it works is simple. The utility provider sends the customer an SMS with a link to a Mobile Journey. Once selected, the customer is asked to validate their identity, and then they can enter the details of their meter reading – and that’s it!

The information collected is then fed directly into your in house CRM systems.

Arrange Appointments

Avoid switchboards becoming clogged with customers changing appointment times and dates, by allowing them to serve themselves.

Mobile Journeys can be used to interact with your existing booking system to provide your customer with options for available appointments. The selection can then be made within a fully branded environment.

With a selection made, the information can be passed back to your system to update the customer’s appointment details. An SMS confirmation for the new appointment can also be sent to your customer.

So what are the benefits?

for mobile

Provide a customer experience which is designed with ‘mobiles first’ in mind.

conversion rates

Remove the distractions of regular web pages, and notice more completed customer journeys.

No download

Your Mobile Journey can be used right away, with no need to download an app.

Use existing
customer data

Use your existing customer data to create personalised communications.


Create bespoke workflows which are specific to your requirements.

managed service

Our Professional Services team will design, develop and deploy your workflow for you.

Measure customer
journey success

Reports to display customer interaction and conversion rates.

Added customer

Your customers will be able to engage with you around the clock using their mobile devices.

Need to receive files from your customers?

Sometimes it might be necessary for your business to receive digital files from your customers. It could be a photograph to support an insurance claim, a legal document for a property exchange, or maybe even a copy of your customer’s ID before you process a loan application. With Mobile Journeys this is made easy.

Within the Mobile Journey, the customer will be asked to upload a file. Once they have done this, the file will be sent to secure location where you’ll be able to access the file from. Simple!

What are the features of Mobile Journeys?

Here are the features which will help you convert more customer journeys.

compliant payments

We’ll process, store and transmit credit card information securely.

Use your
corporate branding

Use your colours, logos and fonts imagery to maintain corporate identity.

Barcode /
QR code support

Provide discount codes and vouchers which can be scanned at the checkout.

Video /

Integrate video content to improve engagement for your marketing and promotions.

file upload

Allow photos and other digital files to be uploaded by customers to a secure location.

Google Maps

Allow your customers to locate points of interest (such as your bricks and mortar stores) by integrating maps.


Link to your in-house booking system to an appointment scheduler within a mobile journey.

Employ in a
multichannel strategy

Combine with other Esendex channels for a comprehensive communication strategy.

Still sending paper letters to your customers?

Communicating with customers via post is considered to be quite an old-fashioned way of engaging, with a third of consumers feeling that letters are now unnecessary (Source). It’s certainly more expensive and slower than its more modern, digital counterparts.

The secure document download tool for Mobile Journeys reduces costs and speeds up communications, while providing the ability for an end user to download a PDF document securely, from within a mobile web app which doesn’t require installation.

“Using Mobile Journeys has created a quick and easy way for our customers to pay off their outstanding debts whilst on the go, and the uplift in payments is proving how popular and successful this platform is.”

Richard Dixon – Capability and Delivery Manager – npower

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