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Send SMS via our API

Our SMS API allows you to automate the sending of SMS from your business systems. Integration is easy no matter what programming language you use. 

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Send SMS online

Echo, our powerful web-based service allows you to quickly and easily send and receive SMS online. You can be up and running within minutes - it really is that easy! 

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Looking for SMPP?

Do you prefer to use SMPP when connecting to SMS suppliers?  By connecting through the Esendex SMPP API, you will benefit from our direct connections, excellent customer service and message reporting - you'll be connecting to our SMS platform in the way that suits you. It's also good to know that we support SMS via the SMPP 3.4 protocol. For more information get in touch today!


5 killer SMS stats

    Worldwide A2P SMS is set to increase to 2.19tn by 2018
    98% of all text messages are read
    (Frost & Sullivan)
    SMS is the most popular form of communication in the UK
    90% of all emails are spam, compared to only 1% of text messages
    Text messages are read on average  within 5 seconds
    (Frost & Sullivan)

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