What is the Esendex SMS Portal?

The Esendex SMS portal is the fast and effective way to send and receive SMS messages from any device connected to the internet. Send bespoke one-off texts to customers, or send bulk SMS communications to groups of imported contacts in no time at all!

The user-friendly interface also makes it easy to schedule personalised communications and campaigns, create message templates, and also track the success of campaigns.

What can Esendex SMS be used for?

The Esendex SMS Portal in action

Appointment reminders
Business continuity
Shift scheduling
Delivery notifications
Appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders are a proven method to reducing the amount of missed appointments for businesses and service providers. From healthcare and dental appointments to MOT reminders and restaurant booking confirmations, SMS reminders have been proven to reduce missed appointments. In fact, in some cases by as much as 50% (Health Services Research).

As well as reducing the amount of no-shows you’ll also notice a sharp reduction in communication costs when compared to sending out paper reminders.

Business continuity

1 in 3 businesses are ill-prepared for a disaster should one occur (source). The Esendex SMS Portal is an effective way to help with this, by providing an effective, reliable and fast means of communicating with staff and customers in the event of a crisis.

Anything from system failure notifications and staff safety checks, to status updates and assigning ownership of issues, can all be fast-tracked with SMS which in turn minimises disruption to customers.

Shift scheduling

Sending SMS doesn’t only need to be reserved for communicating with customers - it’s a great way to interact with your staff too. By using the Esendex SMS Portal you’ll be able to quickly and effectively let your staff know about their planned shifts, overtime availability, emergency alerts and any company announcements that they’ll need to know about.

Emails and calls are an effective way to communicate with staff, but they are all to easily missed. Using SMS (with its 95% open rate) means you’ll be connecting with staff in the most immediate and cost-effective way possible.

Delivery notifications

Keep your customers better informed about the status of their orders by sending them regular SMS updates. The Esendex SMS Portal is a great way to send order confirmations, progress reports, and delivery notifications.

This improves the customer's shopping experience and helps to ensure that they are home when the delivery arrives if required. Sending SMS notifications can also help improve efficiency and cut the costs of missed deliveries where the recipients are not in or unavailable.


SMS is the fastest growing channel for marketing in the UK and has emerged as a great way to engage with their audiences. In fact, 92% of businesses in the UK were expected to be using SMS marketing by the end of 2018. This can be partially attributed to being more economical and engaging than traditional channels.

The Esendex SMS Portal can be easily used to send scheduled, personalised content, run promotions and offers, collect customer details and link to richer media like Mobile Journeys, and SMS Landing Pages.

What are the features of the Esendex SMS Portal?

Here are the features that will help your business have more engaging conversations with your customers.


Use an SMS Sender ID to boost your brand recognition


Templates can be created quickly and easily. Great for consistent communications, and saving time


Set up reminders, promotions and notifications in advance and ensure messages are sent at a specific date/time


By using an SMS short code or a Virtual Mobile Number, you’ll be able to have conversations with staff/customers


Upload contact lists from various file formats, create groups of contacts, or import contacts from other applications


Messages can be delivered by a voice call via landline/mobile. If unavailable, you can specify the number of reattempts


Analyse the results of your campaigns, and gain insight into how to optimise future campaigns


Customer stories

Here are some of the best ways our customers are currently using Esendex SMS

Utility providers
Local authorities
Financial service
Utility providers

Esendex can help utility providers with a multitude of applications ranging from collecting meter readings and customer service to payment reminders and engineer visit confirmations.

Here's how "big 6" energy provider npower, used SMS as part of a multichannel communication strategy to boost outstanding debt collection rates.


With a 95% open rate compared to just 22% for email (Source), SMS represents the best way for retailers to get their messages to customers. From sending promotions and offers to sending delivery confirmations, SMS is a cost-effective way to make sure your customers are happier and better informed.

Here’s how online retailer Ocado took things one step further by using SMS to not only connect with their customers, but also their staff too.

Local authorities

With an increasing amount of pressure to save costs at every opportunity, Local Authorities are constantly looking for more intelligent ways to reduce admin, while at the same time improve communication with residents. SMS represents a great way to do this by providing a cost-effective and engaging means to send council tax reminders, send emergency alerts and even communicate with staff.

Here’s how Brighton & Hove City Council used automated SMS to reduce the cost of their council tax collections.


In the face of challenges to reduce costs while delivering better outcomes, healthcare providers have identified missed appointments as being a key area for concern. In the NHS alone, missed appointments cost nearly £1bn per year.

Here’s how Esendex partnered with Clanwilliam Group to provide SMS solutions to remind patients about their upcoming appointments, and notify them about their test results.

Financial services

Financial service providers have started to move away from paper customer communications to a more digital-centric approach. However, some providers are still not seeing the conversions they’d like via Email. SMS is a proven way to ensure customers receive their payment reminders, account updates, loan applications, promotional messages and much more.

Here’s how Plane Saver Credit Union adopted SMS for a range of different applications to have better customer interactions.

Any other questions?

Can I send SMS and
be GDPR compliant?

For transactional messages and customers with whom you have an existing relationship, SMS can be sent.

How many characters
can I use in a message?

160 - or up to 612 by splitting the message into 4 parts.

Is my
data secured?

We're ISO27001 certified so all customer data is secured to the highest standard.

Can I have multiple
users on a single account?

Yes, as many as you like. Each with their own username and password.

Can I see if my
messages are delivered?

Real-time notification status are available making it easier than ever to track your messages.

How many messages
can I send?

As many messages as needed. No matter how big or small your business is, our platform can handle it.