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• 90% open rate
• Send from any device connected to the internet 
• Effortlessly manage multiple enquiries in one go

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Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS

Send to anyone at any time with one easy-to-use interface. Our platform allows you to upload contacts in various file formats, create custom groups, and import contacts from existing systems so you can get business sms messages out quickly and accurately.

The more efficient way to:

two way chat
Two-way conversation

Set up VMNs and Short Codes to receive SMS straight to your Echo inbox. Use virtual mobile numbers to allow customers and employees to respond to messages, or use shortcodes for SMS marketing campaigns like competitions.  

How can VMNs and Short Codes help you?

  • Two-way conversations to reduce phone calls
  • Let customers respond when it suits them 
  • Manage multiple enquiries simultaneously
Voice Messaging
Voice Messaging

Our platform allows you to send voice messages to either a landline or mobile phone. The voice messaging feature employs an intelligent retry strategy that will reattempt the call should the destination number be engaged or unavailable.  

What are the benefits of voice messaging?

  • Messaging that’s accessible to anyone with a landline or mobile
  • Ensure mission-critical or emergency messaging is delivered
  • Track delivery status with real-time reporting
personalised message

Use dynamic fields such as name, date, and times to tailor messages to the recipient, even when sending Bulk SMS. 

How does personalisation improve business communication?

  • Increase customer engagement 
  • Improve open rates 
  • Ensure your message is delivered to the correct recipient

Message Templates

Save time and maintain consistency with pre-built message templates, agents can respond quickly and efficiently to frequent enquiries.

Benefits of message templates:

  • Avoid grammatical errors or spelling mistakes 
  • Maintain a consistent brand image 
  • Remain agile and responsive to customer enquiries
Custom sender ID

Send your message from a recognisable address rather than a generic or unknown number to protect your brand and maximise open rates. Custom addresses are free, and you can change them at any time.

Why are custom sender IDs valuable to your business?

  • Build brand awareness 
  • Help protect your brand from fraud 
  • Personalise your customer service
Fast and easy set up
Real-time insights

Quickly respond to trends in your communication data with real-time, centralised reporting in Echo. We provide free delivery reports so you can see exactly which types of messages achieved a higher response or open rate and who received your SMS.

Enriched Unicode messaging

Regionalise your messages with the correct characters for your chosen language. Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

How are businesses already harnessing the power of SMS?

Discover how some of our customers use SMS to provide excellent customer communications and service, including appointment rescheduling, event booking, account payments, sales promotions, delivery updates, customer queries, and product information.


Ocado is the world’s largest online grocer. Find out how Esendex helped them better communicate with both their customers and staff.

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest Football Club augment their customer safety and security strategy with an innovative SMS messaging solution.


Capgemini leverages the power of SMS to help a major retailer launch a click-and-collect service using our SMS API.

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