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The fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to send business communications.

Introducing SMS messaging for business

Business text messaging is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, employees, and contacts. SMS marketing boasts a 98% open rate, almost three times higher than email, and a response rate of just 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes from traditional channels.

Why you shouldn’t rely on email alone

50% of all emails are spam. Which means our inboxes are more cluttered than ever.

55% of people prefer SMS messaging for notifications like appointment reminders over email.
SMS messages are concise and engaging. Therefore, click-through rates are as high as 19%, compared to just 3% on email.
It’s easier to get your message heard with business text messaging. Millennials receive an average of just 67 text messages per day.

How can I send bulk SMS in the UK?

Send Bulk SMS campaigns to your customers using any device connected to the internet. Benefit from these key features:
easy to use
Easy data import

Import data from various file formats to quickly and efficiently reach thousands of contacts in one go.

Managed services
Contact segmentation

Deliver the right message to the right people with custom groups. Our platform lets you send messages to a large number of people simultaneously or specific contacts in a group.

personalised message

Mass communication doesn’t need to feel like mass communication. Include personal details like first and last name with dynamic fields.

Message scheduling

Schedule promotions, greetings, appointment reminders, and notifications ahead of time. Perfect for messages that need to be delivered out of working hours.

Fast and easy set up
Fast and reliable

Our SMS gateway connects to all UK mobile networks. We commit to processing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.

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bulk sms

Mass texting in minutes

With our reliable and user-friendly business text message platform, you can start sending to individuals or groups in no time. There’s no need to install additional software, you don’t need any prior training, and you can send from anywhere.

bulk SMS
Red driving school car

“SMS marketing is a vital and effective part of our CRM and customer acquisition activities at RED Driving School. Esendex provides a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective solution.”