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Netsuite Integration Guide

Send Business SMS with Netsuite

Businesses using Netsuite can now use the software to send instant SMS, instead of emails, to contacts.  With a little configuration of the email feature, and without the requirement for developers, businesses can transform the way they communicate with the simple addition of SMS.


Update Netsuite contacts to send SMS

In order to use the feature you must first set up a free Echo for Email account.

After setup, within your Netsuite account you can then edit your intended SMS contact(s) by adding a new email address. This should be a variant of the existing email address and set in the following format: e.g.

Use Netsuite to send SMS to contacts

Once you are ready to send your contact(s) an SMS the steps are as simple to follow as sending an email through Netsuite, with the slight change of selecting the newly added email address in the format above.

It is as simple as that to successfully integrate Echo for Email to send SMS from Netsuite.

Send & Receive SMS with Netsuite

Not only can you send business SMS through your Netsuite account but can also receive them. To do this make sure you set up a two-way account. Once you do this, SMS replies will come straight back into your Netsuite account and be displayed as normal.

Integrate Zapier & Netsuite to send SMS

Alternatively Netsuite is in the process of making some of their functionality available through Zapier. See our Zapier guide to get started integrating your Netsuite and Esendex accounts.

We also offer further Echo for Email, customisation settings which include the following features:

  • customisable signature stripping
  • central email address reply forwarding
  • added security - IP whitelisting or SPF record and IP whitelisting

To find out more, about the possibilities of our Netsuite integration, take a free trial below.