SMS Surveys

Feedback is critical to an exceptional customer experience. Ensure your products and services are precisely what your customers are looking for with SMS Surveys, an engaging, non-intrusive and effective way to collect survey responses.

SMS Surveys

What are SMS Surveys from Esendex?

SMS Surveys from Esendex allow you to collect instant feedback from your customers to help improve your products and services.  Easily quantify satisfaction across your existing customers with a series of questions via SMS. Audiences can respond at any time or place, and senders will benefit from higher response rates without the need to send letters or make manual calls. With Esendex, you can build linear and branched surveys to ensure you’re asking questions that are relevant to your customer.
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Use Cases

With SMS Surveys, the possibilities are endless.
Satisfaction surveys

Measuring customer satisfaction is essential to long-term loyalty. Acquiring new business can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer, and increasing custom retention by just 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ perspectives by sending short surveys via SMS. Studies show that SMS messages have a 209% better response rate than any other channel for surveys.

Combine YES/NO, free-type and Net Promoter Score questions to understand how likely your customers are to recommend your business to others.

Market research

Determine the viability of a new product or service quickly by sending engaging research surveys via SMS. Establish your target market, their opinions, and key motivators without the need for external agencies, expensive and ineffective mail campaigns, or labour intensive telephone campaigns.

We know that gathering feedback can be difficult. Traditionally, gaining representative data required a vast volume of recipients and extensive resources. SMS Surveys break the mould of legacy channels for market research thanks to a significantly higher response rate and cost-effective dissemination.

Data cleansing

Your communications are only as good as the database. Many businesses struggle with out-of-date or inaccurate customer data.

SMS Surveys are an easy and cost-effective way to ensure your data is always up-to-date.

Our SMS Surveys product helps you to keep on top of your customer’s personal details, preferences and requirements. SMS is less intrusive than a phone call and means the customer can respond at a time to suit them.

Staff surveys

There are many benefits to businesses conducting staff surveys; boost morale, open new lines of communication, gather new ideas to help improve the business and ensure the business is aware of any problems or concerns arising across the organisation.

SMS Surveys allow your employees to respond at a time that suits them, and with Esendex, you get a centralised view of responses. Analysing the data and making the changes required to make sure your staff are happy is a quick and easy task.

Event planning

SMS Surveys provide an innovative way for businesses to organise events, where each attendee’s unique requirements are suitably catered.

By sending a series of simple SMS messages, you’ll be able to confirm attendance and contact details, take menu choices and arrange any special access requirements for your attendees.

You can store and share response data easily to ensure all stakeholders are well informed and your event runs smoothly.

What are the benefits?

Payment Survey

Reduce costs

Easy integration

Easy integration

Survey Builder

Create branched surveys

Increased responses icon

High response rates

Better decisions

Make informed business decisions

Tracking Analysis

Easy to analyse results

Response time

Recipients can reply at any time

Time saving

Build a campaign in minutes


Don’t just take our word for it

Vaillant increased customer service feedback from 3% to 47%

“Leading innovative hot water, heating, and cooling solutions provider, Vaillant, dramatically improved their customer service performance by switching to SMS. Through the integration of SMS Surveys, Vaillant reduced outbound call volumes by 34,140 calls per year, resulting in an enormous cost and time saving for the business.”

What can SMS Surveys do for my business?

Make faster, more intelligent and more effective business decisions with these key features.
Build your own survey

Get started with targeted questions to get precisely the information you need in minutes.

Endless possibilities

Customise your survey with YES/NO, NPS, and free-type answers.


Show your customers you care by including personalisations based on each recipient’s details.

Real-time reporting

Track how your SMS Survey campaign performs and analyse individual responses as they arrive.

Linear or branched surveys

Ask a series of chronological questions, or ask specific questions based on the previous response.

Triggered surveys

Always catch your customers at the right time with automated surveys based on actions like completing an order or following a support call.

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