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Automated SMS

Automatically send business text messages in bulk from apps, websites and existing software at minimal cost with an Esendex API integration.

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Our dedicated team of in-house developers have done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Designed to be implemented quickly and easily and comes with all the critical features and reliability you need to build the best solution for your business. Visit our developer site for hints and tips and helpful guides, and sample code to get setup in no time.

Stay on brand

Send messages from your company name with up to 11 alpha-numeric characters, rather than an unfamiliar number to build brand awareness and instill confidence in your customers.

Keep up-to-date

Our push notification service sends automatic updates to your app to notify you of your message status. You’ll know exactly when your SMS messages have arrived, failed to reach the recipient, or if you have received a message

“Without Esendex’s SMS API we wouldn’t have been able to provide such a robust click-and-collect solution”


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