Why does Plane Saver Credit Union use SMS?

Plane Saver is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, providing loans and saving products for members. It's always looking for additional ways to engage with existing customers, most of whom are in full time employment.

Because of the volume of emails received, Plane Saver found that its comms could get lost in the daily stream, and so turned to SMS. As these messages are always read on a mobile device, the recipient is able to instantly respond to a call to action.

The loans team send out SMS when experiencing quiet periods, and always see increased activity when a message is sent.

How Plane Saver uses SMS
A loan promotion delivered via SMS

For what purposes does Plane Saver use SMS?

Welcome messages to members, updates as to the progress of loan applications, and promoting additional services.

The example opposite generated had three responses in the first hour alone – all containing car loan quotes of £10,000+.

If just one of these loan applications is successful, it pays for your SMS campaign for the year, let alone the month.

Tailored URLs in SMS help determine ROI

Here's how the loan promotion SMS works...

Plane Saver sends the message out a week prior to payday, incorporating tailored URLs. This allows the team to directly track clicks specific to that promotion, determining ROI.

They also make sure they send it just before lunchtime on a weekday – then a) they're in the office and b) people can act on it if required on their break.

When it comes to working with Esendex, the Plane Saver team are positive: "The more you use the system, the more familiar and easier to use it becomes, and phone support is always on hand to help if needed."

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