MUTUIcasa simplifies financial journeys with WhatsApp Business Platform

Boosting mortgage completion rates and customer engagement with richer two-way messaging


When offered a choice between email and WhatsApp over 90% of customers opted for WhatsApp

Immediacy of interaction improves processing and redemption rates

The availability of chat history ensures document exchange happens seamlessly and at speed.


To manage a growing number of mortgage applications and to deliver faster and more engaging B2B and B2C advertising and marketing campaigns.



WhatsApp Business Platform


Brescia, Italy



MUTUIcasa S.r.l. was established in 2022 as a credit brokerage company specialising in mortgages and general financing. It has developed rapidly and became a qualified credit broker in 2013, following the introduction of new legislation. Since 2015, the company’s operations have embraced new technology channels as insurance, personal loans and salary-secured loans were added to mortgages. Today MUTUIcasa offers a 360° service to anyone who wants to purchase a property or re plan their finances. 

MUTUIcasa works to stay ahead of technological change and has had great success with our mortgage analysis platform, credit analysis functionality and our management software. The future focused mobile messaging solutions from Esendex aligns with our strategy and has become a critical extension to our in-house capability.

Paolo Ferrari | Founder and Administrator of the MUTUIcasa Group

Challenge & Key Obstacles

MUTUIcasa already used Esendex SMS alerts but in 2022 decided to add WhatsApp to its existing management software to better communicate with its consultants and to market to customers and support its loyalty initiatives.

The key challenge facing MUTUIcasa was to streamline and speed up the annual management of approximately 2,000 mortgage requests and to communicate at speed with a growing network of consultants. The company also recognised the value of using a two-way communication channel that was already well received by customers and agents.

“Due to its immediacy and flexibility, WhatsApp Business has proved to be the right channel for communicating with our customers. It has already had a direct and hugely positive impact on both customer satisfaction and company performance.
” Since we gave customers the option of choosing between email and WhatsApp, 90% have used WhatsApp. It’s quick and convenient to take photos of required documentation and return information while staying on our mobile phones.”

Paolo Ferrari | Founder and Administrator of the MUTUIcasa Group

The features that changed the game
Fast and effortless set-up on an intuitive platform
Credit analysts and consultants have full visibility of applications and communication history 
Thanks to Meta’s pre-approved templates, conversations and marketing campaigns initiated by MUTUIcasa are managed quickly and effectively
Results & Improvements
  • 90% of customers opt for WhatsApp when offered as a communication option.

  • The speed of average processing times and information exchange has increased exponentially.

  • The familiarity of WhatsApp removes the need for a lengthier email exchange as the chat conversations that take place between the customer and the MUTUIcasa team is more seamless and efficient.

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