Mudshare uses rich messaging and SMS for revenue-driving campaigns

Consistently handling large outbound volumes and ongoing feature enhancements have proved key for this full service reseller 


Successful deployment of high-volume rich messaging and SMS 

Clear data and results to inform campaign activity

Compliance with regional regulations


To deliver fully compliant and engaging messaging and marketing campaigns


Rich messaging and SMS


Miami, Florida, USA



Founded in 2014 by David Cerrone, Mudshare specialises in texting, email and voice solutions. The company supports political campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and retail customers with data aggregation and marketing communications. In mid-2023, Mudshare was acquired by private equity group, Lionfield Capital.

I’m a relationship person and everything we do hinges on that. Our relationship with Esendex goes back over twenty years and is about more than the technology they offer or pricing. I look for partners who are receptive to our ideas and can respond and adapt quickly to changes in the market.

David Cerrone, COO and Funder | Mudshare

Challenge & Key Obstacles

Mudshare offers a messaging service that focuses on improving deliverability rates and growing audience share compliantly. With large outbound volumes in rich messaging and SMS at a ratio of approximately 70:30, deliverability, immediacy, data visibility and compliance all play a key role in campaign success.

With a business relationship that spans over twenty years, Mudshare has called upon Esendex US to partner and help manage a significant outbound volume of messaging to grow audience and constituency share, and achieve higher open and engagement rates.

Since 2019 texting has been the preferred voter outreach communication tool in America as it is far more cost-effective and immediate than the door-to-door canvassing and cold calling of the past. However, staying on top of changing legislation is an ongoing challenge, so we need to partner with reputable businesses like Esendex who help us to stay on top of our operating environment.”

David Cerrone, COO and Founder | Mudshare

The features that changed the game
Introducing feature enhancements based on customer feedback.
Strength of working relationships and customer service.
Results & Improvements

According to Mudshare, fundraising outreach campaigns experienced a 30% increase in revenue by leveraging text messaging for fundraising while texting helped drive a 2-3% increase in voter turnout.

Using data analytics to understand buying behaviour and preferences, and tailoring messages to align with individual customer profiles has resulted in a significant improvement in conversions.

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