Whilst it is common for companies to accumulate commercial debt, a YouGov poll of senior stakeholders, found that a massive 82% had outstanding balances, with each firm owed an average of £62,957. This becomes even more poignant when you consider, that in the 2016 financial year alone, Britain’s businesses had written off a total of £5.8 billion.

Clearly for commercial debt recovery to be considered a complete triumph, it is important that the collection process maintains client relationships. With our Mobile Collection services, we can create a communication strategy, which helps improve customer communications whilst increasing successful collections.

1.3% cost of collection vs total collected

38% increase in customer engagement

32% conversion rate

Leveraging our extensive experience working with Debt Collection Agencies, we can deliver an effective solution which is both low-touch and profitable for your business.

As shown above, we can design a bespoke solution for your business which optimises debt collection with minimal resource, whilst adjusting to customer communication preferences.

How Teamwork Locksmiths Ltd utilised Mobile Journeys to reduce manual administration

Using our Mobile Journey product, we were able to implement a solution for Teamwork Locksmiths Ltd which led to a massive decrease in manual administration. With the additional benefits of:

New reporting facilities, which enable on-site locksmiths to optimise their time and accept more jobs easily when the opportunity arises

• Efficient job result delivery, with all precise information required. Allowing Teamwork Locksmiths Ltd to offer a more economical service

Wooden door with key in the lock

Moreover, we're proud to say we are accredited to ISO 27001 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and ensure that all of our solutions meet the FCA and Ofcom requirements regarding the fair treatment of customers.