Brick and motor stores have been the cornerstone for retailers for years, but with the increased popularity of smartphones, a more digital approach is now required.

One of the biggest problems retailers are facing today is that customers now expect a seamless experience whether shopping online or in-store. A mobile solution can help retailers tackle this challenge by providing customers with a better shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction and helping to drive more footfall though your doors both digitally and physically.

The continued increase in smartphone usage has meant consumers now have the tools they require to do their shopping at their fingertips. Therefore, offering a mobile solution that allows customer to self-serve whilst still being given the same first-class service they would get instore, is pivotal to and can drive customer loyalty and happiness.

How can Esendex’s communication channels help?

With a wide variety of digital communication channels available, Esendex can help provide retail businesses with solutions that can improve self-serve options and improve customer experience.

SMS Messaging
SMS Landing Pages
RCS Messaging
SMS Surveys
SMS Messaging

SMS is the perfect channel for retailers to connect with their customers, with a 95% open rate SMS offers the best channel for your messages to be read. Whether you are sending marketing campaigns or just a simple order confirmation, SMS will deliver.

Esendex online SMS platform provides retailers with an easy to use interface where they can send SMS marketing messages in bulk, or using our API set up automated text messages like delivery notifications or appointment reminders.

Use cases:

  • Simple delivery and order confirmations
  • Basic out of stock updates
  • Marketing and sales messages
  • Appointment reminders
SMS Landing Pages

Customer satisfaction is a key driving point for retailers across the UK and by combining the high open rate of SMS and visual aesthetics of a webpage, SMS Landing Pages can provide the service that customers demand.

SMS Landing Pages is part of Esendex’s rich message builder, Messaging Studio. Retailers can use this to create bespoke landing pages and send them via a text message. By using images, extra text, and call to action buttons, retailers can increase customer engagement whilst still using SMS as the delivery mechanism.

Use cases:

  • Deliver personalised marketing and promotions
  • Receive payments by linking to secure payment portals
  • Digital receipts
  • Delivery updates and confirmations

RCS Messaging

The future of business communication is RCS Messaging, it offers a similar communication experience to OTT apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. RCS offers retailers the perfect sales tool to enrich the customers buying experience by sending them rich cards, carousels of images, and even allow customers to make payments all within the users messaging app.

By using tools like buttons, retailers can use RCS for more than just a sales tool. Appointment reminders can be sent out via RCS and include buttons like ‘add to calendar’ or ‘change appointment’. Allowing customers to easily manage their appointments without having to call in.

Use cases:

  • Receive payments
  • Customer service chat interactions
  • Upsell or cross-sell products with carousels
  • Deliver digital receipts
SMS Surveys

One of the challenges facing retailers is ensuring their customers are happy and with competition within the retail industry being at an all time, it is imperative that retailers find this out to be able to provide customers with a better shopping experience.

With Esendex’s SMS Survey product, retailers can quickly collect customer feedback by sending customers a survey via text message. With the ability to create branched surveys where different responses will trigger different questions, retailers can ask intelligent questions and dive down into the feedback and improve the service they offer.

Use cases:

  • Customer and staff satisfaction
  • Data cleansing
  • Market research
  • Event planning

Case Study

Here is one great example of how retailers can use SMS to communicate better with customers and employees.

Ocado use SMS to provide better communication to customers and employees

Ocado required a way for them to suitably communication with their customers and staff, and SMS provided the perfect solution that meet all their requirements.

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