It's a challenging environment for retail. If you've got a brick-and-mortar business, you've got to drive shoppers through the door while competing with web-only retailers. For online merchants, it's about providing the best customer experience from the website through to delivery. In both cases, you're looking for that competitive edge that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Esendex can help. Through our SMS, Voice and Mobile Web platforms, we can help you attract new business, keep customers better informed, and deliver excellence from start to finish.

Retail Promotions

From an SMS with a discount code, to a celebrity Voice broadcast, to a Mobile Journey with interactive personalised content, it's all here. 

Order Notifications

Our lightweight API and integrations with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc. make it easy for you to confirm orders, deliveries and returns.

Customer Feedback

81% of customers say that they will buy from a business again if they were satisfied with the experience*. Stay on top with our survey platforms.

The best performing platforms for your needs.

Our SMS, Voice and Mobile Web solutions can be combined or used stand-alone.

SMS Applications in Retail

Low cost, high reach: SMS delivers every time

98% of text messages are read*, which makes it the most effective mass communication channel available. While triggered emails perform better than marketing emails, they can still only average a 30% open rate*. When a message - a promotion, notification or survey - is important, SMS should be your platform of choice. Learn more about Esendex SMS.

Cut through the noise with an inventive Voice promotion

More than any other channel, Voice broadcasts - recorded messages played when your customer answers an inbound call - are almost impossible to ignore! Targeted accurately, an entertaining broadcast can deliver exceptional results, and can be delivered to landlines as well as mobiles. Learn more about Esendex Voice.

Outbound Voice Solutions for Retailers
Mobile Web Solutions for Retailers

Offer personalised promotions with a Mobile Journey

Delivered via SMS, IP messaging or email, these mobile web pages remove all distractions and difficulties, and focus on getting your customer to complete a goal. They're unique to each recipient, and can drive local traffic to a store, get feedback on a purchase, or drive sales of a product, service or event. Try out a Mobile Journey.

Intelligently combine channels to get the best result

All of Esendex's products can be used alone, or combined in an intelligent multichannel communication strategy. For example, you could use SMS to deliver a Mobile Journey to launch a new product, and follow this up with a Voice broadcast if there was no response to the SMS. How does it work?

Intelligent Multichannel Messaging for Retail

A few of our retail customers