Messaging solutions for local authorities.

Local authorities are under pressure to find ways to reduce admin, provide more self-service options, and improve communication with residents, staff and suppliers. Esendex can help; whether it’s through our integration with software utilised by councils, allowing you to send bulk or individual text messages from a series of templates, or a sophisticated multichannel messaging strategy.

We’re specialists in digital communication, from SMS to IVRsweb apps to rich messaging. We deliver low-touch workflows that intelligently choose the best channel to reach an individual, and then make it easy for the recipient to engage with their local authority through their preferred platform. We’re a G-Cloud approved supplier, ISO 27001:2013 accredited and PCI-DSS compliant, so your data’s safe with us.  

“SMS has proved invaluable for our LeedsAlert system – it’s now so easy to communicate in an emergency.”


Digital by default: how it works in practise.

How Esendex helps local authorities improve outcomes while reducing costs.

Expedited council tax collection

Esendex specialises in automating debt collection for local authorities, through channels including SMS, Voice, Email and web apps. We offer intelligent multichannel messaging, which utilises adaptive workflows to select the best way to contact each resident. They’re then given several options to self-serve, which allows councils to better manage the number of calls coming through to a contact centre. 

Appointment notifications and reminders

From council housing repairs to translation services, nationality checking services to bulk waste collections, using Esendex’s platforms you can make the booking of appointments easier, and more reliably attended. From simple SMS reminders to having a Mobile Journey calling live availability data from your calendar, you can offer residents multiple ways to book, confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments with you.

Remote staff communication and rostering

When you have remote staff, communication needs to be fast, two-way, and reliably delivered. From construction to catering, cleaning to transport services, staff benefit from getting immediate SMS notifications in the event of shift changes and emergencies. Projects can be updated, empty shifts filled, and missing equipment identified and sourced efficiently and cost effectively.

Major incident notifications

Having a robust disaster recovery plan to manage unscheduled server outages is a mainstay of any professional ICT Services team. When speed and reliability of message delivery are imperative to the success of your plan, Esendex SMS can be relied upon to perform. We commit to processing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds, and our direct network connections provide peace of mind that they’ll be delivered.

A few of our local authority customers

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