From bill payment reminders to suspicious transaction notifications, low balance warnings to application updates, SMS works in the financial services industry because text messages are inexpensive, easily sent, and reliably read. In fact, 88% of the financial institutions currently utilising mobile messaging believe that it has greatly impacted customer service (source).

That said, with Esendex, you're not limited to one communication channel. We can work with you to deliver an intelligent multichannel messaging strategy that leverages SMS, Voice, Email and our Mobile Journeys solution to engage with even the most hard-to-reach customers.

Low-touch communications

Our lightweight API makes it very simple for your developers to automate SMS delivery. We also offer the ability to send SMS online or via email, so you can easily engage with customers and staff. 

Demanding SLA compliance

Banks and credit unions have demanding SLAs regarding customer contact. With ISO 27001 certification and Right Party Contact functionality, Esendex passes with flying colours.

Multichannel messaging

Our professional services team have delivered extraordinary results for financial services institutions, by creating workflows which 'learn' how to best reach your customers. 

Mobile messaging enhances your customer experience.

Secure, timely communication through channels your customers choose.

SMS Applications in Retail

What messages can you send?

Payment reminders, suspicious transaction alerts, low balance notifications, high transaction notifications, loan application status updates, marketing messages (see how this works for Plane Saver Credit Union), appointment reminders, and policy documents / statements (via an embedded shortlink). You can even text to drive higher email open rates, a process that's been highly successful for our financial services customers.

How customers feel about mobile

According to Harris Poll research, 64% of millennials (born in the early 1980s) prefer text messages for voice for customer service, and 77% look favourably on companies that offer SMS communications. Ofcom reported that 50% of 25 to 44 year olds bank and pay bills online, and up to 45% of them do this via a mobile. Give your customers the option to receive text alerts, and to opt out at any time, and you'll be ready to go. 

Outbound Voice Solutions for Retailers
Mobile Web Solutions for Retailers

Timely and secure messages

Esendex's customers know that the timing of messages is key - for example, sending out a loan promotion just before lunchtime on a week day has proved to be the most effective time for our credit union customers. Equally, notifications about high-risk transactions need to be delivered in the soonest possible time. With Esendex's commitment to processing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds, and 95% within 20 seconds, your messages will arrive on time.

Optimise engagement with multichannel messaging

We're big fans of SMS, but there are times when a form needs completing, or payment needs to be collected, or a detailed email would be more effective. That's when our multichannel messaging capabilities come into their own. We can create automated sequences that combine SMS with email and our Mobile Journeys platform, facilitating almost any customer engagement you can think of. 

Intelligent Multichannel Messaging for Retail

A few of our finance industry customers