Esendex Launches Extra Security Initiatives

Esendex announces extra security initiatives that will further protect organisations and individuals from cyber security threats. Launching soon, Esendex customers will be increasingly shielded from sophisticated and subtle account attacks through layers of new, innovative security measures.

Safeguarding over 45,000 company accounts worldwide

Layers of smart security to help protect Esendex customers

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Introducing proactive security initiatives

Login Protection

Fortified Login

Esendex customers will be directed to sign in using a new login interface. This new login interface is the first step in Esendex’s major plan to proactively shield customers from malicious attacks. This state-of-the-art security enhancement is designed to monitor and stop any unauthorised login attempts.

Authentication Protection

Multi-Factor Authentication

Esendex will be launching multi-factor authentication (also known as 2-factor authentication). When multi-factor authentication is enabled, additional checks will be carried out when Esendex customers attempt to login. Periodically, customers will need to provide an additional second authentication factor before they can login. This will be in the form of a one time passcode (OTP). Esendex customers will have to correctly enter this code before they can access their accounts. 

Password Protection

Strengthened Passwords

As part of the new security initiatives, the rules around password strength will be changing. Esendex passwords will need to comply with new rules when customers next update them.

Knowledge Protection

Security Expertise

We have wealth of security knowledge available to educate Esendex customers about best security practices.

Layers of smart security

45,000 +

Protecting over 45,000 Esendex accounts.

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