Why customer complaints could be good for your business

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How important is customer feedbackWhen was the last time that you heard from your customers or received a customer complaint? Every now and then a customer is likely to contact your business when they’re either unhappy or ecstatic – however behind every bit of voluntary feedback is a reliance on a motivated consumer.
A typical business hears from just 4% of its dissatisfied customers (Helpscout), meaning the opportunity to turn that frown upside down is so far removed from most businesses that it very rarely happens.
We all too often wait to hear from our customers and never think to instigate contact ourselves. Why? Are we scared?
If your customers are unhappy and you aren’t making moves to check, then you’re vulnerable to the 91% of dissatisfied customers who will simply leave and never return (1st Financial Training Services). What can you do to prevent them from moving on, or get them back? How do you turn that disaster into an opportunity?

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.  (McKinsey)

While positive feedback is always great, negative feedback provides the valuable insight that your business needs to address concerns with your products, processes or customer service.
Consumers are twice as likely to share a bad customer service experience than they are to talk about positive ones (Global Customer Service Barometer). So when customers aren’t happy you need to make sure you’re making it as simple and streamlined as possible for them to tell you about it.
How to gather customer feedback
It can be as easy as chatting to customers directly, right through to collecting instant and concise feedback via text message.

SMS messages achieve a 45% response rate, whereas email is usually around 25% (Smart Insights / Fluid Surveys)

Reactions to customer service and experiences are all perception-based, they’re subjective and can change very quickly – that’s why it’s important to react quickly, particularly when processing the data that customers have provided.
Research shows it’s likely that you can exceed a 10% rise in sales from a good feedback system. (Marketing Donut)
The short shelf life of customer feedback is one of the best reasons to use the more simple tools available for capturing customer perceptions, meaning less time analysing and more time improving. Use Surveys as a leading indicator and to find a solution to your most common problems.

SMS-based surveys enjoy high conversions, with 31% of consumers responding to such invitations, on average within five minutes. (Adobe Digital Marketing)

The all NEW Esendex SMS Surveys dashboard
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