Tip of the week: Think about using an SMS Sender ID

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An SMS Sender ID is an easy way to brand your SMS messages so that the person receiving an SMS can quickly identify who the message is from. It’s great if you’re looking to maximise readership and response rates.
It appears in the ‘from’ address on a mobile phone, however it’s not like a normal ‘from’ address, as you can’t reply to a text message where a Sender ID has been used.
SMS Sender ID’s are ideal for sending out SMS promotions, vouchers, tickets, news, alerts, appointment reminders and more – basically anything that doesn’t require a response. If you are planning on sending text messages that require replies then you can use a Virtual Mobile Number instead.
Using an SMS Sender ID works really well because there is no need for the user to save the number in their mobile phone as you can choose who the message appears to be from. The Sender ID can include up to 11 characters and can include any alpha-numeric character.
With our SMS service, using an SMS Sender ID is completely free of charge, you’re also able to change the Sender ID as often as you like. If you’d like anymore information please get in touch,  our SMS experts will be more than happy to help – 0845 356 5758.

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