The hows and whys of customer feedback [infographic]

Topic: Call Centres, Retail, SME, Utilities

When asked whether they formally survey their customers, over 60% of companies answered ‘sometimes’ or ‘never’ (source: Growth Strategy Partners). If you’d count your business among that number, this infographic is for you!
It’s difficult to understate the case for customer feedback surveys. If you find out that you’re ticking every box, fantastic: you’ve got the opportunity to use that in your sales and marketing collateral.
It’s even more important to find out if you’re falling short. React quickly and you can turn an unhappy customer into a brand advocate.
Moreover, the simple act of surveying your customers shows them that you care. Our infographic outlines the key reasons why you should survey your customers, what platforms are most suited to sending surveys, what questions you might ask, and how to structure your survey to get the best response rates.
SMS Surveys Infographic

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