How can brands prepare for Rich Messaging?

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My previous post was on how brands can use RCS to create engaging customer experiences. With RCS set to launch across Europe over the course of this year, it’s time to start thinking about how you can enhance your customer experience with Rich Messaging.

SMS Landing Pages – the first step on your Rich Messaging journey

With Rich Messaging being in its infancy, now is the perfect time to start experimenting and learning which kind of content adds value to your customer experience, and which type of messaging and media evokes the best response from your client base.
The first step for a lot of our customers will be to enhance their SMS messages, by incorporating Landing Pages into their campaigns. This will help to:

  1. Reinforce brand reputation and increase consumer confidence
  2. Enhance messages with rich content such as images, videos or QR codes
  3. Drive customer engagement, via buttons, links or initiating phone calls.

A Landing Page allows a brand to direct the user to a tailored and personalised web page. This dedicated page focuses solely on the brand’s desired message, removing any distractions that can be present on a standard website page. The impact of Landing Pages is undeniable, with many brands witnessing substantial improvements in both conversion and engagement rates, when compared to a standard SMS campaign.

RCS-ready: future-proofing business messaging

We’ve taken a future-proof approach to the development of our Rich Messaging solution,  allowing you to create SMS Landing Pages using only features supported by the GSMA Universal Profile 2.0.
This means that all messages created as a Landing Page campaign can automatically be converted into visually appealing RCS content, and sent without further editing. RCS is expected to drive further improvements to engagement and conversion rates,  as the content will be delivered directly into a recipient’s default messaging app. This is where customers already receive SMS messages today.
Customers using our platform, or integrating with our new Rich Messaging API, will be able to send messages as either an SMS Landing Page message or as an RCS message. In fact, you don’t even need to know if a phone number is RCS enabled – our system will automatically check and send the appropriate format. This allows you to maximise engagement without designing multiple versions of the same content.
SMS evolution
Once Rich Communication Services launches, we can work with brands to develop automated two-way conversations and ensure that the full capabilities of RCS are realised. Our customers will also benefit from support with integrating their internal systems with our APIs to create intelligent, dynamic customer experiences.

The possibilities are endless

The potential to transform customer engagement with this new messaging platform is limitless. We’ll continue to support our customers to enrich the messages they send today, while developing innovative new use cases that will deliver better service and improved customer engagement for the future.
The Ocado retail demo was just the start of our vision for RCS business messaging. We have a clear understanding of how this could be applied to all sectors, from delivery confirmations and rescheduling appointments, through to submitting meter readings, making balance enquiries and even booking and sending tickets.
As our new product, approaches launch, we’re allowing our customers access to our beta service, which includes the API integration,  so if you’d like to enrich your current SMS messages, please get in touch. Simply complete our contact form or call us on 0345 356 5758.

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