Eradicating spam from the telecommunications industry

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For many companies, SMS is one of the most effective forms of customer communication, with an average open rate of 98%. Most businesses have perfected the use of this channel, providing useful information and brand promotion, without seeming invasive.
However, SMS has been slightly bombarded of late, with those wanting to abuse the effectiveness of this channel, by sending fraudulent, phishing or PPI messages. Citizens Advice state that 32 million people in Britain have received an unwanted message relating to mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). Shockingly, 98% of those didn’t feel that they had given their permission to be contacted in this way.
This is where a new messaging system called Rich Communication Services (RCS) can help. In a nutshell, RCS is an enhanced form of SMS. It benefits from the effectiveness and open rate of an SMS, with the capabilities of a branded app or MMS message. RCS allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers in an engaging and interactive format.

But how can this help to eradicate spam in the telecommunications industry?

One of the main features of RCS is verified sender. A brand cannot send an RCS message to its customers without first going through a rigorous verification process. Once the brand has been verified, their logo will show at the top of the inbox conversation, along with their official brand name, brand colour and next to each message, a logo.
eradicating spam from the telecoms industry
This new strict verification process should mean that it is harder for spammers to pass themselves off as a brand. An example would be fraudulent spammers claiming to be a recipient’s bank using a name such as HSBC, despite the fact they have zero connection to the brand. With RCS, this won’t be possible. Spammers won’t be able to verify an unofficial brand name and so hopefully, will no longer be able to spam customers in this format.
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