Efficient communications with Magento SMS Notifications

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In business keeping your customers up-to-date on time critical information is crucial to success. When trying to provide maximum customer satisfaction, having the right tools and methods, all in one place can be difficult, which is a problem our Magento SMS plugin solves.
When the information that you need to communicate is key, this process should be simple for the consumer, and automated SMS with Magento offers a solution.
Use our plugin to send order and shipping updates straight to your customer’s hands from Magento. The personal and instant aspect of the notification will not only maintain a pre-existing relationship with your customers but is the perfect tool to keep users informed when in pursuit of a product or service they have purchased or ordered from you.
It shows you’re willing to go the extra mile, but for much less work.
Select from 12 triggers within our plugin, depending on each stage of your completion process, from the creation of the order through to the delivery.  The beauty of this integration means that your businesses can easily personalise the triggers for SMS entirely to suit your business processes.
Message templates are easily customised to suit and can be scheduled or triggered to be sent out without the need to be manually operated, offering efficiency in time and money.
Easy to set up with a simple ‘plugin’ extension, Magento and Esendex have made SMS notifications simple without the need for developers.
We do offer customisation however, where an extension needs to be altered. We offer this via open source code on GitHub.
Should you wish to discuss or install our Magento extension just call our sales team on 0345 356 5758 or email us.

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