‘Bot’ can I help you with today? Esendex has its own chatbot

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As a leader in business communication, it’s fitting that Esendex is an early adopter of new tech in this space – becoming one of the first 11,000 companies to launch a bot on Facebook’s Messenger platform.
While the scope of bots is fairly broad, from news on demand and medical advice through to life-coaching, our web team decided to start off with something relatively simple in nature, but one that serves a great purpose for automating the more traditional queries that we get from our Facebook followers.
The Esendex Facebook bot enables users to interact with us to find the simple information that may be required, with just one word, without the need to navigate our site.
We recognise how important it is to be able to engage and communicate with our customers on the channels that they use every day, from Mobile and SMS through to Email and social media. It’s all about Multichannel messaging and we want to help you get it right.
We’re excited about the fresh opportunities our own beta Bot opens up, to not only interact with more than 900m Facebook users worldwide, but also to demonstrate just how smart or simple an integration with the platform can be.
Our users may want to know more about the jobs we have on offer, our API, where our offices are located or our free trial process.
Esendex's Facebook bot is now live

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A load of new features also look set to be landing on the Messenger platform which will allow us to not only develop our own bot further, but continue experimenting with our own customers’ desires to automate engagement across multiple platforms.
These range from customer account linking, dynamic buttons and the support of additional content types right through to feedback and reviews.
We’ll be investigating these further opportunities Facebook’s Messenger bot could open up over the coming weeks.
If you’d like to discuss how Facebook’s Messenger Platform could benefit your business, or you wish to be updated about Esendex’s developments with Facebook Messenger, please contact us on 0345 356 5758 or register your interest.

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