A smarter way to collect digital files and photos from your customers

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We’ve added some great new functionality to our Mobile Journeys solution, which allows businesses to securely collect documents and photos from their customers. Find out how the easy to use platform can help your business modernise and streamline your document collection processes.

Esendex are pleased to announce the release of another great enhancement to our Mobile Journeys solution, which allows businesses to have even smarter interactions with their customers.
We’ve added a new ‘secure document upload’ feature, which allows customers to send important documents and photographs to businesses securely, all from a within a fully branded, easy to use, mobile friendly environment.
The days of businesses requesting important documentation from their customers to be sent by post are fading fast. In a modern digital age, customers want to be able to complete interactions with businesses on the go, and at a time which suits them best, and all from their mobile devices. Couple this with a requirement from businesses to reduce their correspondence cost, allowing customers to self-serve through platforms like Mobile Journeys suddenly makes a lot of sense.

The new secure upload feature fulfills all of these requirements. Businesses can make requests for documents by first of all sending an SMS or email to the customer, which will then link into a fully branded Mobile Journey environment. The customer will then be able to navigate to the requested files and upload them to a secure environment, with the business able to access and download those files.

What can the new secure upload feature be used for?

Perhaps one of the more interesting applications of the secure upload feature will be for insurance providers.
Imagine that a car insurance provider has been contacted, with the news that one of their customers has been involved in an unfortunate traffic collision. Nobody was hurt, but the car is a mess!
The customer is upset, worried about the process of making a claim and needs reassurance that their claim is being processed quickly and efficiently. Within minutes they receive an SMS from the insurer with a link to a mobile journey which gives them the ability to provide information about the accident, the parties involved and the cause. It also allows them to take pictures of the damage, the scene, the other driver and any other relevant information and upload them to secure servers. The insurer now has all the information they need within minutes of the request being made, which allows the claim process to be started much more quickly.
It really is as simple as that, with just a few of clicks on their mobile device an end user can select the action they want to complete, trigger the native device tools for selecting a file (choose an existing file/document, capture a new video/image or voice recorder) and upload this directly to you.
Aside from insurance claims, the secure upload feature can also be used for any kind of application process where additional documentation needs to be supplied (such as loans and credit card applications), and also situations where evidential information is required like complaints handling.

When is the secure file upload feature available?

The file upload feature is available now for EN, FR, DACH, ES and AU (please contact Esendex sales or your account manager for more information on this).
To learn more about the new Mobile Journey secure file upload feature please get in contact with our team today on 0345 356 5758 or email us at [email protected].

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