6 ways to optimise your online forms (infographic)

Topic: Marketing

Responsive design isn’t enough. This infographic illustrates what you need to do in order to increase your form completion on a mobile device.

Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Study 2016 puts UK smartphone ownership at 81%, but makes the point that “businesses are still determining how best to use these devices.”
An app faces huge challenges in getting traction (Deloitte notes that “most users download just 0.00001% of the millions of apps available”), and our previous blog post explored why having a mobile responsive website isn’t the silver bullet to effective mobile engagement.
Does this mean you should just accept poor conversion rates from your mobile website? Of course not – and we’ve put together this infographic to illustrate what you can do to increase your form completion on a mobile device.
Conversion rate optimisation is big business, but not enough of it focuses on mobile users. We’ve a vested interest in mobile user experience, and a wealth of experience and data to help us identify what works.
6 ways to optimise online form completion
In our experience, any form will benefit from applying these tactics, improving completion rates both on a desktop and a mobile.
We’ve had notable success creating an app-like experience within a browser. If you’ve two minutes to spare, please go ahead and try out an Esendex Mobile Journey, where these features are effectively built into the platform, and let us know how it compares to a standard web form.

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