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From send in seconds SMS, to advanced mobile messaging services like RCS, WhatsApp and mobile journeys, Esendex has been helping businesses to send great customer communications for over 20 years.

Think friction-free customer support, notifications and reminders, collections and payments, and marketing and promotions that delight. All with clear, low cost pricing – like SMS from just 2.2p – and always backed by our world class support & expertise.

An image showing how you can access business messaging services via the Esendex messaging platform and 3 of the main types of messages you can send via it (SMS, WhatsApp and RCS)

Trusted by 46,000 customers to deliver world class mobile messaging services

Next-level business messaging services: we’ve got you covered

Have natural, engaging conversations that span the customer journey, whether it’s with our quick-start platform, best in class API or flexible integration options.


Easily send and receive text messages to any country in seconds and at scale.

Rich Communication Service

Use rich media to help your message and brand stand out from the crowd.

WhatsApp Business Platform

Talk to customers all over the world with ease when you use WhatsApp. Utilise features like  images, videos, interactive buttons, automation and more to enrich your conversations.

Landing pages

Create journeys that convert, from collections and payments to feedback and more.


Send, receive and track emails easily and confidently with our fully managed service.


Elevate CSAT and boost agent productivity via our intelligent IVR and Outbound Voice solutions.

Professional Services

Need help solving a particular challenge? We’re here to support you.

Let’s start sending, together.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.

Fuelling growth with better business messaging

As a frontrunner in the SMS space, we’ve never stood still, and continue to develop solutions that support our customers to send over 5 billion messages a year. Click on the sections below to explore how our mobile messaging services can help you send smarter notifications, offer more collaborative support, create conversational marketing campaigns and deliver frictionless commerce.

An example of a messaging service Esendex can provide is an order dispatch notification that you can send via a mobile messaging channel.

With an SMS delivery speed of five seconds, and messages typically opened within 90 seconds, send important information, prompts and reminders that won’t be ignored.

Take notifications to the next level using rich media such as images and videos, and be where your customers are with WhatsApp.

One of Esendex's messaging services is the ability to build chatbots so you can have conversations via a mobile messaging channel. This one showcases WhatsApp.

From automated messages and chatbots with the option to escalate to a live agent, help customers to get answers to their questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

No more queues, tickets and frustrated staff and customers; just smart support that will make your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Via a messaging service provider, you can send marketing notifications via a mobile messaging channel.

Get your marketing messages straight into your customers’ hands, using offers and alerts to drive action.

Take your campaigns to the next level and create compelling experiences that drive conversion using two-way chat, rich media, personalisation and more.

A business messaging service example of a bill reminder that you can send via a mobile messaging channel. This one shows off the rich functionalities you can access, such as buttons, if you use RCS or WhatsApp.

Add value and simplify the buying process using mobile commerce. Collect payments, provide conversational customer support at checkout or send simple sales and product preview alerts, all whilst delivering a superior customer experience.

“We’ve seen a big uptick in our numbers, but more importantly, we’re also providing better services and tools to our customers.”

Gareth Hall – Senior Collections Manager, Debt Managers

Esendex: The global leader in conversational business communication

20+ years of experience

With decades of industry experience working with businesses of all sizes, we’ve got you covered. Use our quick-start platform or developer-loved APIs, or if you need something unique we can work with you to create a solution tailored to your business needs.

Industry-leading support

We’re dedicated to helping our customers transform their business communications and meet their goals. Plus, we’re a global provider that provides 24/7 local support so you’ll always speak to a real person in your country.

An expert partner you can rely on

From global resilient routing and regulatory compliance to in-country expertise, our customers partner with us for our person-to-person support, whether that’s for our strategic, technical or channel expertise – or all three.

One-on-one with everyone

Our direct connections to all major networks ensure you can reach anyone on the planet in seconds – via the most secure, compliant and highest-quality routes available.

Flexible, scalable options

Choose an option that suits you, whether that’s our quick-start platform, our best-in-class API or seamless integration options. Enabling business messaging is quick and easy with Esendex.

Solutions designed for you

If you have particular business objectives that a turnkey solution cannot meet, our Professional Services team will translate your brief into a reality.

“Partnering with the Esendex team has taken all of the stress out of implementing the platform. We couldn’t have asked for an easier delivery.”


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Let’s start sending, together.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.