Reducing the cost of correspondence by at least 60%

EDICT is a charity that helps people with a range of mental and physical health conditions. Through the use of art therapy, their service helps participants improve their physical and mental well-being by enabling them to value themselves and achieve a more positive outlook on life.

Edict had been searching for a fast, reliable and cost effective way of reducing their communication costs having previously employed traditional channels such as post. The main selling point of the Esendex SMS platform was the ease with which the solution could be integrated into their existing systems, providing the savings Edict required.

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Measuring the benefits...

Since implementation of the Esendex SMS solution, Edict have reported a 60% saving in their correspondence spend which does not include the savings that come from materials and staffing. The money that has been saved through this implementation has allowed Edict to make significant improvements to the services that they offer to their participants.

David Goodwin further commented:

“Our entire range of correspondence has been manifestly improved by using Esendex’s services. We have reduced costs in key areas, and improved the strength of communications with our participants”.


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