CommuniGator's marketing solution integrated with Esendex's sophisticated communications.

CommuniGator provide a complete B2B marketing solution that generates and nurtures new business. Using lead generation, email marketing and marketing automation to identify, deliver and increase your revenue.

Using CommuniGator's comphrensive lead generation software, you can offer multiple email marketing campaigns to nurture the leads on your website and now with the help of Esendex, you can use SMS too! From a lead nurturing campaign series to an action based workflow. Communigator's marketing platform allows you to automatically warm up leads using email & SMS campaigns in a few simple steps.


Use CommuniGator & Esendex to send SMS

You can cover everything from lead generation to marketing automation and more. Automate your lead generation process and control your entire digital marketing base from our platform and even have it integrated with your CRM.

Now you can use SMS via Esendex to send reminders, delivery notifications and more. Use in conjunction with your email copmmunications to provide that extra level of customer service. Sending with Esendex ensures that your messages are sent quickly, reliably received, and your customer data remains secure. We commit to processsing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds, and 95% within 20 seconds, and we're ISO 27001 accredited.

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