Magento and SMS integration at was founded in 2010 with a simple vision: one-stop affordable printing, combined with unrivalled service and standards. To fulfil that vision, founder Scott Gardner wanted to provide the best possible online experience for customers.

They implemented a fully responsive eCommerce store using the Magento platform, and coupled this with Esendex SMS to confirm orders, keep customers informed of their order progress, and provide shipping information.

Having worked with us on previous projects, Scott knew that messages sent through the Esendex platform would be securely, quickly, and reliably delivered.

Why SMS? strive to keep their customers fully informed and to outshine competitors. By offering text messages to customers, they’re staying one step ahead and providing best-in-class service.

93% of adults in the UK have a mobile phone (source: Ofcom), all of which come with the ability to receive text messages, so it’s a more reliable and immediate means of communication than email.

“Our customers tell us that they love our service and being kept informed. When providing feedback, text message updates are often mentioned as a positive”


Here’s how it worked…

Scott says it was remarkably easy to integrate the Esendex text messaging service into the back of their Magento website.

“The supplied Magento Extension works well, and the availability of APIs enabled us to fully manage the process, and integrate text messaging to our customers for all purposes.”

Next, Scott’s implementing SMS Surveys to help understand more accurately what their customers feel they’re doing right, whether there are any areas for improvement, and overall, how satisfied customers are with their service.

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