The Esendex Hack24 2018 Challenge

Help Nottingham and win your own Cloud

Esendex have been based in Nottingham for over 15 years and during that time we've seen lots of changes in the City, its people and the tech community. We'd like to challenge everyone to think about some of the problems facing Nottingham and come up with technology solutions.

A quick survey of our own staff shows concerns around roads, public transport, homelessness and availability of accommodation. Put your best thinking hats on, grab the nearest laptop (hopefully it's yours!) and show the people of Nottingham how technology can make their lives better.

We've also spoken to Framework a local homeless charity and the some of the challenges they're seeing that they believe technology can help with.

So here's a couple of suggestions we've heard so far...

Operating a 24/7 0800 phoneline for rough sleepers and members of the public to phone in for help or to raise concerns has a number of challenges. Framework would like to understand how technology can help them maximise the time spent on Outreach. This could be by:

  • reducing the number of calls passed to the Outreach team out of hours
  • by providing rich information to the staff to improve the Outreach experience
  • by helping the callers self-service their reason for calling and meet their immediate needs.

Or take an entirely different route and help Nottingham with traffic alerts that understand local routes and warn of wider impact.


The prize

Esendex are offering a fantastic prize for the winning team, the opportunity to bring the Cloud home.

We'll be giving each team member 3 Rasperry Pis and all the necessary add-ons and connecting equipment to build a Serverless cluster based on Docker and OpenFaaS.

This is the type of prize that we guarantee will make the spirit and enthusiasm of Hack24 continue long into the future as you learn how to build large scale IoT solutions to resolve the complex problems of the hyperconnected world.


To decide on the winner of our challenge we'll be looking for entries that:

  • Solve a problem for a large section of the community
  • Have a local, Nottingham focus in either the problem or the solution
  • Be creative and make the technology enticing for consumers
  • Extra point if our APIs are used in an effective way.



The Judge

Esendex Head of Development Paul Maloney will be judging the challenge. Paul has worked as a dev manager in both commercial and public sector organisations and now leads the teams that build the brilliant software used by Esendex customers. Paul has focused some of his time on building the excellent relationships Esendex have with the Nottingham Technical Community, especially around diversity in the tech industry, and Hack24 is the most significant event in the Esendex technical calendar. Working with Matt, Esendex CTO, Paul is taking the agile culture within Esendex engineering to the next step in preparation for more mergers and acquisitions in the coming years.

Want to use our SMS API during your team's Hack24 challenge?

Esendex offer a number of APIs for sending and receiving SMS messages that will be of use to the Hack24 attendees regardless of the challenge they are entering. We're pleased to be able to say we are offering free credits on the weekend and will be making signup available via a special Hack24 link from Friday 9th March. We look forward to seeing how our APIs are used across all the great challenges available on the Hack24 weekend. More information on the APIs can be found at our developer documentation website if you want to read up on them beforehand.

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