What does your SMS message sign off say about you?

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Have you ever made the rookie mistake of putting an inappropriate kiss (x) at the end of a text message to someone you didn’t mean to? Maybe you’ve come across as sarcastic or aggressive (without intending to) as a result
There are numerous ways to end an SMS message or email, but sometimes the tone can get lost in translation.
According to research by T-Mobile, the leading mobile network operator, nearly a quarter of men regularly include a kiss at the end of a text message to their male peers. Dubbed as ‘metrosexuals’, these men have become openly affectionate with each other when using SMS messaging.
‘Metrotextuality’ is most commonly seen in those aged 18-24, with 75% of men that age sealing a text with a kiss. But it’s not just young men who have apparently joined the ‘metrosexual’ clan. One in 10 males over the age of 55 also adopt the kiss style sign off, according to the research.
What does it really mean though? According to clinical psychologist Ron Bracey, SMS messaging allows men to “easily share their feelings with others, especially their male friends.”
Further research from Sheffield Hallam University found that men tend to write short sarcastic texts. In contrast, female text messages are more likely to show “support and affection”.
According to etiquette experts, ending a message with ’Thanks’ is a safe and polite way of ending a conversation.  Cherie Kerr, author of The Bliss or “Diss” Connection? Email Etiquette For The Business Professional, claims that saying thanks is one of the safest and most courteous of the salutations. It keeps it pleasant, but professional.”
Saying ‘Ciao’ on the other hand is not ideal for signing off a formal conversation, either via email or SMS.
Suzanne Bates, president and CEO of Bates Communications Inc, said; “This isn’t for business, except for fashion, art or real Italians.”
Whatever your sign off or text tone of voice, SMS messaging is a great way of communicating with professional and personal individuals.  Through business SMS messaging you can reach thousands of customers, just be sure to sign off in the right way!

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