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We are extremely excited to be bringing you something completely new – SMS surveys! These can be sent automatically to follow up after meetings, phone calls or appointments, allowing you to receive instant feedback.

How will SMS surveys help you?
• Instant– Everyone carries their mobile phone with them wherever they go – leaving the house without your phone is on par with stepping out without dressing yourself! SMS surveys are received instantly so the experience is still fresh in your customers mind.
• Effective – As a nation we are addicted to our mobile phones and are rarely caught without them – even using them at the dinner table and in the bathroom! According to IPSOS MORI, SMS enjoys up to 77% response rates. In IPSOS’ research 66% of consumers said they would prefer to be surveyed by SMS again, rather than by email or phone and 95.3% said they’d be likely to respond to an SMS survey request.
• Honesty is the best policy – Conrad and Schober found that SMS surveys generated more honest feedback as there is no time pressure, so respondents have time to give more thoughtful answers. Also, as they aren’t speaking directly with someone they are less likely to sugar-coat their answers, giving you the honest feedback you need.
• Customer retention – The power of SMS surveys means you can easily highlight unhappy customers or customers on the verge of leaving. You can then rectify any problems and enjoy loyal customers for many years to come!
If this hasn’t already convinced you, why not contact us today for more information or a trial – [email protected].

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