We're sponsoring Nottingham Startup Weekend

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Nottingham Startup Weekend is taking place 22-24 November at the Broadway Cinema. We thought we’d help sponsor the event as we know just how exciting it is to share innovative ideas.
The Startup Weekend is a fabulous place for developers, designers, marketers and start-up enthusiasts to come for weekend long workshops to pitch ideas, form teams, and start companies. Participants have to create and collaborate to take an idea to a viable product in just 54 hours! 
Kathy McArdle, Chief Operating Officer for the Creative Quarter Company, said:
“This event is for anyone with even the tiniest germ of an idea. You don’t need to consider yourself an entrepreneur to take part. We urge local software developers, techies, coders, and people using digital media in multiple ways to grab one of the limited places. We’ll put you through your paces but you could come out with a great business at the end of it.”
If you’d like to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, it’s not too late to take part (tickets are £50 and include all food and drink) – register now!
Good luck to everyone taking part!

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