We're pleased to announce we're sponsoring TestBash

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Richard works as our Test Lead, and is very passionate about all things testing. His role at Esendex involves ensuring testing is of the highest standard possible, whilst continually improving. Take a look at his blog on why we have chosen to sponsor TestBash.
Ministry of Testing
Here at Esendex we take the quality of our products very seriously, which is why when I approached our marketing team about sponsoring a software testing conference, they jumped at the opportunity.
TestBash is a one day conference organised by the Ministry of Testing, part of the Software Testing Club. This will be only the 3rd TestBash but again has succeeded in drawing some of the biggest names in the community to talk at next year’s conference. This is a true indication that such a conference was required in the community and shows how vibrant and active the testing community is, and we feel privileged to be able to sponsor such an event.
By sponsoring the conference we are playing a part, in keeping this conference affordable to all interested parties and subsequently playing a part in drawing new people into the testing community, whilst also evolving the community. Something I am very passionate about and actively doing in the Nottingham/East Midlands area, with 4-6 weekly meet-ups in Nottingham under the umbrella of the Software Testing Club, which are growing each event, which again is something Esendex encourage and support me in.
Also as Rosie (organiser) mentions on their website, sponsoring TestBash makes you awesome, FACT! I personally strive for awesome, as does Esendex, so it’s a perfect match.
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