Use SMS to promote Boxing Day deals

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Boxing day sales
As a business, you’ve probably  made preparations for Christmas but what about the short period after? Post Christmas footfall is generally lower on the high streets with internet retailers, comparably, seeing one of their best times of year. It is estimated that Britain’s shoppers will spend nearly £3 billion during boxing day sales, most of which will be online.
A hectic time for any retailer, on or offline, Christmas sales represent a new strain on retail expectations. Boxing Day on the high street last year, a day usually rampant with shoppers saw a reduction in visitors to stores when compared to previously set standards, whereas retail analysis estimates that shoppers spent a record breaking £540 billion online in that same period alone, a 15% year on year increase for online.
In anticipation of spends this year, it is expected that more than £500,000 will be spent every minute online by more than 167 million web visitors on Boxing Day alone. Many of which will made by a mobile phone. This indicates that the mobile platform, to retailers, is a valuable one. One worth being used to target customers who use their smartphone to shop on the web and one to encourage low high street visits, and performance to pick up during Christmas sale season.  

  • Use bulk SMS invites or automated discounts via mobile following the completion of specific actions online or in-store, this could be a repeat purchase, new purchase or subscription to a newsletter service.
  • Send out multiple messages combining email and SMS for maximum results or;
  • Integrate your app, website or company software to send out automated SMS once a customer completes a specific step in your process in store or online.
  • Use your reward schemes or online forms to collect information valuable to your business that you can use to push out even more valuable information to communicate with your customers straight to the palms of their hands.

Whether you are planning on promoting your Boxing Day sale well in advance of Christmas, or scheduling your message for the night before, text messaging offers more convenience without the chance of disruption, through one of the most used forms of communication.
Ensure that you have enough text message credits for the holiday season to give your business a head start for Boxing Day sales and beyond. Contact our sales team today by calling 0345 356 5758.

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