Unsure about mobile marketing guidelines?

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Following the confusion regarding privacy and security policies for consumer mobile applications, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is advising developers of mobile applications to be transparent, in order to ‘engender consumer trust.’
The MMA guide is designed to establish certain practices to win back the trust of consumers after doubts were raised regarding the security of Smartphone apps. Thus, the MMA advises focusing on privacy issues and data movement associated with mobile apps.
Mobile app guidelines
According to the MMA guidance document, all mobile app developers should get prior consent from users before collecting information from or for social networks and disclose whether the app tracks the real-time location of a mobile device.
Furthermore, they should describe if and how they will share data with third parties, understand that users generally must be allowed to consent to “retroactive, material changes” in privacy policies and, therefore, ensure security procedures are “reasonable.”
Indeed, convergence is the main strength of the growing digital marketing field. This sector covers many platforms, from mobile applications to SMS marketing, all of which are an inner part of the mobile marketing umbrella.
SMS marketing guidelines
Most of the guidelines around using SMS are concerned with whether or not you have permission to contact an individual or organisation to promote your brand, goods or services.  How often you use SMS will depend on the demographics of your base and the nature of your offers.  It’s also good to remember that the more creative and legitimate the content is, the better it performs.  For more information take at look at our Business SMS and the Law document .

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