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167008_10150128703860190_115237765189_8175703_4389507_nIf you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that a lot of us here at Esendex like a bit of a challenge, a way to push our bodies as hard as we push our minds; whether it be a 58 mile bike ride, numerous triathlons, or simply entering 5-a-side football tournaments, we love to get stuck in. It’s now something that is firmly engraved into our company’s culture, and long let it continue.
Well, this time a few of our staff may have taken it to the next level. Some might say they have lost the plot and if you haven’t heard of an event called Tough Guy, then you’re about to find out why.
Tough Guy is, in their own words, “the safest most dangerous event in the world”; a 6 mile run followed by an obstacle course whereby the “victims” have to crawl beneath razor wire, jump over flaming pits, swim through tunnels of freezing cold water, climb walls as high as mountains, run through fields of dangling electric prods and many more brutal hurdles; this part of the course is appropriately named “the killing fields”.
Why are we doing this you might ask, well for charity of course?  Much of the funds raised by Tough Guy will go to the Horse Sanctuary Charity, serving the worst cases of Horse cruelty as well as giving opportunity to Kids off the Street.

If you are also taking part, look out for the team that look like they’re in the most pain, that’ll be us. Oh, we’ll also be wearing Esendex t-shirts.

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