Top 5 reasons to use Email SMS in business

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Email SMS integration is one of the most popular methods for sending SMS today.  As separate technologies, they both started new worldwide trends in communication and now sending
SMS via email is also growing rapidly.
But what are the top 5 reasons for using email to SMS in business?

  1. It’s ideal for staff without internet access because Email SMS works within your existing email application
  2. For out of hours system monitoring, each time an email alert is sent you will also receive an SMS.  This is ideal for server alerting and for monitoring systems, servers and websites
  3. For quick rollout to an organisation’s own email applications, which can be particularly important, for example if your organisation has large user departments, such as call centres
  4. As a user’s email account is normally ‘always open’ so there’s a reduced risk of missing SMS replies or forgetting to send an SMS. There’s no need to log-in to a separate SMS application
  5. There is minimal training or disruption to an organisation as Email SMS will quickly and easily integrate with any email system. When used, you simply add a different suffix to an email address so it’s sent as an SMS instead of an email.

If you would like to try sending SMS via email, why not sign up for a free trial? – it would be great to hear what you think!

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