Top 10 Mobile Industry Facts and Figures

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GraphAs the mobile industry continues to grow – and mobile phones become an ever more essential tool within today’s personal and business environments – a recent report published in MobiThinking has outlined specific facts and figures to demonstrate exactly how much this is the case.
We’ve picked our top ten!
1. 87% of the global population are mobile subscribers (5.9 billion people).
2. Mobile phone sales increased in 2011, with the sales smartphones highly significant in this regard. Nokia remains the number one handset manufacturer. Android is the most popular smartphone operating system and Samsung is the leading smartphone hardware producer.
3. Up to 1.2 billion of the world’s total mobile users access the internet through their phones (mobile broadband). Asia is the clear leader in this regard, with South Korea and Japan accounting for the highest mobile broadband penetration, with 91% and 88% respectively.
4. 8.49% of global website hits are made through mobile devices.
5. Up to 480.6 million users sent emails through their mobile phones in 2010. That figure is expected to quadruple by 2015.
6. In 2010, up to 6.9 trillion SMS messages were sent, as MMS accounted for 249 billion that year. Despite rumours of a crisis, SMS traffic was expected to reach 8 trillion in 2011.
7. The worldwide mobile messaging market was predicted to be worth over US$200 billion (£125,40bn) in 2011 – with SMS representing $127 billion (£79,63bn) of this. Reports forecast that the mobile messaging industry will grow to $334.7 billion (£209,88bn) by 2015.
8. It is expected that in 2015 there will be 1.6 trillion users of mobile instant messaging (IM).
9. 45% of mobile users in UK, France and Germany noticed mobile adverts in 2010, while 29% responded to them. Out of this group, 47% of Brits made a purchase.
10. 40% of people in the UK admitted to being more likely to respond to opt-in SMS, which is the most effective form of mobile ads in Britain. 21% said the same in France and 27% of Germans confessed to preferring mobile Web ads instead.

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